Segundo Status

Since there has been some emails from a few folks, let me clear up some confusion. I should point out that there are now fifteen shows in various states of completion and undress. Those that are lacking the full summary capsules — that is, those shows that were finished sometime in the last month — can be listened to at the main Segundo site. I have been cross-posting the full shows (with capsules) here at the rate of one new show per day, so as not to overwhelm with content. In addition, there are a few conversations that I have been mastering over the past week that will be finalized soon. When I get past the #220 mark (which should also be very soon), I plan to repack the torrents for those who wish to binge. This is something that requires daily organization amidst many other duties. But I am trying to catch up as quickly as I can. So bear with me.

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