Shea Swaps Book Pick

Two days ago, Mr. Bryant thought to mock the good Mets fans within the litblogosphere. Oh, but what a difference a few days make! In light of the 13-0 win over the Marlins and the — *ahem* — LOSS of the Phillies against the Nationals yesterday, I’d say we have ourselves an interesting situation here. A very interesting situation indeed. As a result, Flushing Meadows has changed its book club selection:


[UPDATE: As of 2:00 PM on Sunday, things aren’t looking very well. The Marlins are leading 7-1 against the Mets. The Nationals are losing 0-1 to the Phillies.]

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  1. Small correction. The Phillies lost to the Nationals. The Padres lost to the Brewers.

  2. Don’t you think Survivor might be a fitting title? Should be a great day of baseball. Hopefully, Chipper Jones can wrap up the batting title. Ha.

  3. Well, today is going to be Fight Club.

  4. Well, if the first inning is any indication (5-0 fish) it looks like it might be Lullaby. With Rant as the next choice.

  5. Anyone else find it interesting that those seven first-inning runs were given up by ex-Braves pitchers? The Braves continue to have the Mets’ number.

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