Sign of the Times

PC World has listed “100 Blogs We Love.” Under the misleading nomen “Arts & Culture,” not a single arts blog, litblog, or theatre blog is listed. Instead, we get Nick Denton-style gossip, video games, and television. Last I heard, “Arts & Culture” covered a considerably broader range of topics than what is readily available through digital cable and the Wii. (Hat tip: Maxine)


  1. Tsk, “you’ll probably like at least one blog in this group” according to them. The Barenaked Ladies one, possibly.

    I liked the Chomsky-esque ‘Business and Politics’ section title. Yeah, call it like it really is.

  2. Yep, that’s PC World’s “world view” for you — depressing. I’ve been blogging for a year and a half and read many blogs. I subscribe to one on their list.

  3. A collection of the lame and the stupid, with a few good sites mixed in almost by accident.
    Instapundit? Good grief.

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