Sign the Petition! Sign Away Your Right to Think Freely!

Our Save the Blogs! campaign, trademarked as of 2:37 PM EST, has generated over 5,000 signatures. None of them knew what they were signing. But don’t let that stop YOU from joining the fight!

Here are a few of those names:

Candy Butterfingers, Henry Throatwobblermangrove (real name pronounced differently), I.P. Freely, Ebony N. Ivory, John Smallbeeries, Leopold Bloom, Jonathan L. Ethem, Henry “Kiss Kiss” Enninger, Moira Hokes, Len G. Kanshure, Em Phizima, Harvey Ardscum, Shel Entitled, Rachel Estsykes, Fay Gann, Oliver Twistenshout, Mel Gibthreesomes, Dr. Joyce Sisters, Che Koff, Billy Gaddisfly, Rick “Samantha” Powers, Mark Cerveza (blogger of “The Inelegant But Democratically Pleasurable Variation”), Levi Ashenden, Luna C. Rains, Shepard Tones, Ina Godly, Christopher Sorrenmartini, Abby Grhaib, Martin & Amy Kingsley, Archie Jeffries, Jane “Steve” Austen, Nickelback Baker, John Banvillagepeople, L. Frank Furter, Mallory McDowellery, Red Diaz, T.L.C. Boyle, Tiffany Tits, A.S. Buyout, Michael Chamilkbone, Barack Adenoid, Ana Tina Marie Cox, Bryan T. Jeff, Jonathan Saffron Burrows, Tricky Dick Yates, Virginia Baskerville, Sarah Cabarnetman, Joan Deadyonarrival, Rupert Thommygunson, Liz I. Spywithmyeye, and John Witless.

We hope that you too will join our cause!


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