Single-Screenless in San Francisco

It’s a sad time for San Francisco cinema. The Roxie is at death’s door. But unlike the bailout in 2002, this time, it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen, unless some enterprising person gives Bill Banning $140,000 in the next 45 days.

This comes not long after the Coronet, the finest single-screen theatre for blockbusters, died a few months ago.

So what’s left? Well, I’ve never given the Castro a dime ever since the owners fired programmer Anita Monga last year and replaced the calendar with safe repertory programming. If the Roxie goes, the only decent single-screen theatres left will be the Balboa and the Red Vic.

Three single-screen theatres compromised in one year alone speaks ill of the future.


  1. Geez, how can you see Revenge of the Sith in San Francisco if not at the Coronet? It was the only screen big enough to encompass George’s vision!

  2. I saw all of the remastered trilogy there, as well as Episodes I and II there. Sadly, the Coronet closed before Episode III. 🙁

  3. Maybe someone will re-invent the theatre. Humboldt County’s Arcata Theatre closed down years ago and it is now being made into a theatre lounge. I’m not sure whether or not they are going to show movies there, but it had a huge screen. I saw many films there when it was open. If anything, hopefully someone will rescue the Roxie.

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