Sleep-Deprived Roundup


  1. Re: We don’t know the Beatles, etc.

    Which world does that professor live in? His senior-aged students haven’t heard anything from The Beatles? I know people my age (23) who are OBSESSED with the Beatles, myself included. “Love” is selling extremely well, and albums like “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul” still top Amazon’s list regularly. That simply isn’t possible.

    Recently, a poster sale came to my college in which the posters were divided into books that you could flip through. An entire book was devoted to Beatles posters—the covers of Abbey Road, of Let it Be. I bought one of John Lennon that’s looking down on me as I write this.

    Enough about the Beatles. Who cares about Norman Mailer? I read the first hundred pages of his new novel and found its writing dead. I’ve tried his other books as well, and it seems he was all bluster, e.g. Advertisements for Myself. Maybe his students didn’t know N.M. because he’s irrelevant.

    If OP thinks we don’t know Jack Kerouac, he should browse randomly through Facebook, or Livejournal, and see how many of us have quotes from On the Road in our profiles/entries. That would’ve required some research, I suppose.

    Re: Orson Welles, anyone who’s taken any sort of cultural studies course is well-versed in his work, Citizen Kate especially. Shit, I took a Cinema class at my small town’s community college and Citizen Kane was the first film we discussed. This guy is a moron.

    Stories like those are in the same vein as those “listening to an iPod makes you deaf/anti-social” stories. I’m inclined to believe similar curmudgeonly things sometimes, but then I leave my cloister and see the world as it is.

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