Sleepless Roundup

  • A.L. Kennedy weighs in on how we should adjust our attitudes to lost keys.
  • Apparently, quelling indecency over the airwaves wasn’t enough. Now the bastards are going after pay TV. If there’s any positive spin on this, perhaps this will stop Anna Nicole Smith.
  • A principal has banned a lesbian student from appearing in a yearbook. Her crime? Wearing a tux. No word yet on whether neckties are the next to go.
  • Forget the fact that Curtis Sittenfeld’s Prep is a coming-of-age tale. Eileen McNamara walked away from the novel convinced that that it contributes to the deviant sexualization of minors. Yup. We all know how Lolita led to an unprecedented spate of professors sleeping with twelve year old girls in 1958. America is still reeling from that dark chapter in the history books. Stop these novels from being published before it’s too late! Dammit!
  • D.H. Lawrence’s legacy is being re-evaluated. Lawrence was not, in fact, a water skier, but a writer of several stories and novels.
  • Zora Neale Hurston’s lost plays have been located and published.
  • Pulp fiction isn’t enough for Stephen King. An anthology series based on Nightmares & Dreamscapes is in the works.
  • Tim Dolin lists the top 10 books on George Eliot.


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