Someone invited me to this thing called “Good Reads.”

My profile is here.

I reviewed my own book, EEEEE EEE EEEE.

I reviewed almost every book I like.

They link to places like Amazon to buy books from.

You can go to other places though.

The cash is in your hands.

The choice is yours.

McNally Robinson ships any book anywhere in the world.

I will give you some advice now.

Some practical advice to actualize your liberal politics in concrete reality.

1. To get free books go to your pile of books, in your room, and pick up an Amy Tan book, in your hands, bring it to Barnes and Noble or Border’s, and exchange it for a book by an independent press.

2. If an author you like is reading at Barnes and Noble or Borders and you want to give them your book, that you wrote, go to the bookshelf in the store, take the book, in your hand, write a note in it, then bring it to the author who is reading who you like, and give it to him or her.

Barnes and Nobles in NYC, and probably in other places, don’t have tags in the books, but I think Borders has tags in some books. You can just flip through the book and find it though, and take it out, and put it on somewhere else.

Go to Good Reads and be my friend and read my reviews.

I reviewed Noah Cicero, Lorrie Moore, Joy Williams, Richard Yates, Lydia Davis, Matthew Rohrer, Jean Rhys, Ann Beattie, Todd Hasak-Lowy, Bobbie Ann Mason, Kobo Abe, Celia Farber, Peter Singer, Mary Robison, and some other people.


  1. I assume the last step in #2 is ‘walk out with the book, without paying’? I’d feel much too guilty doing that, stealing from an author I like right after I’ve looked them in the eyes, getting their autograph first. That’s way uncool.

  2. I forgot that I had Good Reads, they quit sending me notices for some reason. Either that or my friends quit using it. I’ll add you as a friend, I’m been meaning to pick up EEEEE EEE EEEE. Best title ever!

  3. patrick, i wasn’t clear maybe. in step 2 you take your own book, with your name on it, off the shelf, and give it to the author you like, as a gift. then you walk away. barnes and noble and borders pay for the book for you.

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