Someone Needs to Tell Charles Taylor That the Real Enemies Are in Washington, Not Those Who Were Humbled By Pauline Kael

Slate Movie Club: “If we must address the Paulette issue, let me say this about those who make that particular charge: Fuck ’em. Not one of the writers who have done their ‘I Was a Paulette for the FBI’ routine have ever done it without relying on gossip, insinuation, and outright lies to make their case. I never had to pass any test for loyalty to remain her friend. Was never discouraged from saying what I thought, never feared disagreeing with her, which we did often. Doesn’t anybody notice that the anti-Paulettes all claim the alleged Paulettes have no independence but every single one of them talks about how they couldn’t bring themselves to disagree with Pauline? Let me get this straight — I’m supposed to be a camp follower because you didn’t have the stones to stand up for Kramer vs. Kramer? Your therapists get paid to listen to this, boys. Spare the rest of us.”

(via Greencine Daily)


  1. I was thinking someone needs to tell Chuck to shut the fuck up.

    But then I started thinking about the opening scene of the very 1st episode of The Wire, when McNullty is sitting on a ghetto stoop with a closeup view of a dead body (Snot) with a young black who is explaining why Snot got shot— as opposed to just being kicked out of the crap game he habitually stole from —”This is America,” says the kid.

    So sometimes it bees that way.

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