Stephen Elliott’s Mexed Missages

Stephen Elliott: “This is an erotica reading, in a sex shop. You can buy books and lubes and things you may or may not want to admit to using. Everybody is planning on reading something very graphic. This may or may not be your cup of tea. I hope that doesn’t scare you off. It’s going to be fun. In addition to erotic stories there’ll be beer and cookies.”

So let me get this straight. One should be tantalized by attending an erotica reading and buying lubes, only to be intimidated by people “reading something very graphic” (in my experience, and I’ve attended a lot of shows and a lot of readings, 95% of all shock art usually amounts to loutish and soulless performance art). One should be thrown off guard, but not scared off. Oh, and there’s beer and cookies for potential converts.

This sounds like an event organized by a man incapable of making up his mind. Either an event along these lines is intended to be brash and/or unapologetically sex-positive or it’s toned down a bit to invite a curious mainstream crowd.

[NOTE: Since there has apparently been some misunderstanding, the post title is a deliberate misspelling, a reference to a grammatical flub uttered by Bush in the first Bush-Kerry 2004 presidential debate.]

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