Susan Sontag Dead

Damn. Double damn.

Some Sontag resources:





  1. A truly wonderful writer and person has left us. But the likes of Dale Peck and Stanley Crouch still exist to annoy us with their bullshit and pseudo-talent. How unfair is that???????????????

  2. C-Span this evening (5-8 PM ET) rebroadcast a three-hour interview with Susan Sontag from March 2003, when GWBush was racing towards Iraq and she had published her “Regarding the Pain of Othesr.” She fielded questions from callers, spoke of her life and work, of religion, politics and going to the movies. I did not hear that she was gone until I turned off the tv and turned on the computer. It is a sad day for decency and high intellgence.

  3. Edward

    Your diligence in compiling these Sontag links speaks volumes to your dedication and intelligence. Thanks for that.

    I will never forget (or forgive) the virtual wall of silence in the US that met the awarding of the major German Peace Prize ( I think in 1993) to Sontag and the typically compelling acceptance
    remarks that Sontag made.

    A brilliant thinker and courageous person, of which we seem to be in short supply.

  4. Susan Sontag

    As bookslut notes, the best place to go for the Sontag capsule is Canadian wood’s lot and return of the reluctant. I think it’s worth keeping the debate alive, after the fire and brim of the right (“a lifelong devotion…

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