The Book Touring Answer to Hypergraphia?

Wired: “Author J.A. Konrath sold his first book to Hyperion as part of a three book deal for his Lt. Jacqueline ‘Jack’ Daniels thriller series. To promote the first book, Konrath’s publisher sent him out on an 11-bookstore tour. But by utilizing the GPS device in his rental car, he ended up visiting 106 bookstores on that tour. His ability to use the technology to find more places to promote his book impressed his publisher enough that this summer, Hyperion is sending Konrath out for a two-month, 500 bookstore tour.”

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  1. I stumbled upon your blog while I was doing some online research. I have to say that this fellow Konrath’s ingenuity was quite impressive. It just goes to show that we underestimate the technology that surrounds us.

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