Why Boris Johnson Won’t Get Laid Any Time Soon

Boris Johnson suggests that the world can be described as one involving women who read and men who don’t. Actually, it can be divided as follows: people who think, people who don’t, and lower life forms who have just discovered that they can use their opposable thumbs for masturbation purposes and who are inexplicably hired by The Telegraph to write foolish articles. (via Bookslut)


  1. Boris Johnson is a superstar, a Conservative Party Member of Parliament and a former editor of the Spectator magazine. He is also a cheeky chappy straight out of PG Wodehouse and I’d suggest that you probably missed his mischievous sense of humour in this article 😉

  2. By the way, Boris Johnson gets laid a lot – last year there was a small scandal when his affair with a sexy society belle become news – the guy has women falling at his feet. Quite right too – he is a jolly good chap and a rum fellow with a glint in his eye and a boyish charm and a chirpy sense of humour.

  3. “The reason women devour so much fiction is that it is the only place where they can find a certain idea of masculinity.”

    My hope is that this is an attempt at humor. Sure, as humor it’s pointless, dull, and, well, not very funny, but if he’s saying this in seriousness then it’d be even stupider.

    Ditto for the rest of the column.

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