The Hold Steady

I haven’t yet listened to the new album, Boys and Girls in America. I plan to rectify this solecism soon. What I can tell you is that I saw them Tuesday night and I can tell you, with very little doubts, that these guys kick ass live. Like Tito, who was there with me, I’m still percolating upon this fantastic live experience. But I hope to offer substantive thoughts soon. But I would advise all San Francisco music fans to avoid the band Black Fur, if at all possible. Without a doubt, Black Fur was one of the most ridiculous and self-pitying bands I have seen on stage in the past two years. The reasons and the report, I hope, will come later.

In the meantime, check out the Hold Steady’s new video, which I suspect owes an inspiration to the infamous Whicker’s World parody from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. (Yes, Alan Whicker is a real person.)

[UPDATE: I’ve now listened to the new album twice and, while I’m still letting my impressions kick in, overall, I think I like it more than Tito did — at least in the early rounds. More to come later.]


  1. But there is a flip side to that coin. What if Black Fur opens for The Hold Steady again? Cause no matter what they will not get in my way.
    We’ve been face-to-face.
    But I will not hesitate in going to that concert. Not for a second.

  2. I thought black fur was awesome. I talked to them and found out that it was only their second show as a band , and their other guitar player threw a fit and quit the band after the very first show, so they were compensating for that as well (which i think they did fantastically). bands get drunk. they say and do stupid shit, especially in the early stages of being a band i’d imagine (no excuse, but it happens) and then they learn from it (hopefully), and get better. get over it. i think they’re going to be amazing.

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