The Other Side of Neal Pollack

Marrit Ingram: “Two things struck me. One is that ‘Preschool of Rock’ seemed awfully familiar, right down to the music-lessons motif and ‘Iron Man’ references. Why, I’d written this article myself in 2004, when it was syndicated on AlterNet and noted across the Web. Stung, I blogged links to both pieces and asked readers for their impressions. A couple of people encouraged me to investigate the similarities. Another reasoned that Pollack ‘probably just never considered any literature that deals with the parents’ perspective before he himself became a parent, and now he thinks he’s inventing the wheel, or fire, so that we can all follow his light, admiring his insights.’ In either case, Pollack’s piece seemed to confirm the bad rap he got in New York Magazine, and I was less inclined to defend him if what he wants is praise for serving beer and punk at playgroup.”


  1. Interesting article. the one thing I dislike about it is the indier-than-thou attitude of the writer, as if getting paid to write is a mortal sin. It reminds me of high school, when people accused their friends of “acting white” if they had any ambition.

    Of course, if you say you’re one thing and aren’t, that’s a separate issue. But honestly, who wants to “keep it real” for the sake of other people with less drive?

    The bums will always lose, Mister Leibowski!

  2. As a new father, I can honestly say that NP is merely trying to usurp the time I need to explore hardcore pornography.

    This man made his name on being a fat, hairy disgrace and now that he’s fresh out of dignity he has to pimp the fact that he procreated against the inevitable descent into work in advertising.

    The only worthy thing he ever did was call out Dave E—–, and he couldn’t even do that correctly.

    I award no points, and may Cosby have mercy on his soul.

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