Tony Perrottet Pulls a Fast One

perrottet.jpgI learned that a “new book” from Tony Perrottet called Pagan Holiday was out. I had enjoyed Perrottet’s previous “book” Route 66, an attempt by Perrottet to retrace the routes of the Romans in contemporary times with a pregnant girlfriend in tow.

But in turns out that Pagan Holiday is, in fact, the same book as Route 66. Same contents, different title. If this is an effort by Perrottet to pull a fast one, he won’t get my dollars. I still have the hardback of Route 66 in the Reluctant Library, thank you very much. And I know a good con when I see one.

But for those who missed out, here’s an interview with Perrottet where he discusses the trip.


  1. Dude, you need to get out more: Pagan Holiday came out in 2003.

    And, no, it’s not an authorial attempt to pull a fast one. It’s the publisher’s attempt to shake off the stigma of a title that didn’t perform to expectation and/or reach out to a new audience.

  2. On the coincidence front:

    “Tony Perrottet’s NAPOLEON’S PRIVATES: Must-Know History for the 21st Century Dinner Party, a humorous compendium of juicy historical tidbits and anecdotes, drawn from daily life through the ages as well as the foibles of the rich and powerful, that will do for history what Why Do Men Have Nipples? has done for medicine, to Laurie Chittenden at William Morrow, by Henry Dunow at Dunow, Carlson & Lerner Literary Agency (NA).”

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