Wayne Shannon: A Case Study for the Internet’s Failings?

While working on something tonight, some synaptic associative charge kicked in and I recalled a commentator named Wayne Shannon. The name probably means nothing to you if you didn’t grow up in the Bay Area twenty some odd years ago, but Shannon was a smug, wry, and roly-poly guy in his late forties with a graying moptop who appeared frequently on KRON Evening News in the 1980s, offering commentaries at the tail end of the program laced with acid barbs that questioned everything and everybody. Shannon was one of those bear-like guys that local television stations tended to employ. A guy who employed common sense arguments to mock the many things in life. Including, as I recall, Jim and Tammy Bakker.

I don’t know if Shannon was all that witty of a commentator, but his exuberance had, for whatever reason, made an impression upon my brain. And I tried Googling him to see if he was still around, only to find almost no traces of his existence. Not a single person had cobbled together old videotapes. Not a single person remembered him. It was as if he had never existed.

I had hoped that Google would permit me to corroborate my memories. Here was a guy who, even if he was a minor television personality, likely entertained millions of people not more than twenty years ago and not a single one of these people thought to memorialize him. For all I know, I might be the first person to remark upon his existence.

And it occurred to me that the Internet is not all that great of a resource after all. Perhaps there really is a need for us to chronicle our cultural minutiae. After all, if the newspapers are giong to hide behind paywalls, allowing articles to disappear within weeks, then it might just be up to us to recall what they had to say. But is our commentary really a reliable record? Is our subjective viewpoint really presenting the situation well? Should we not be writing up more objective reports?

Another thing that’s troubling me: Why should I be using Google to confirm my memories? Why should I believe it to be the ultimate oracle when I could call KRON up and see if I could obtain some videotapes or ask what became of Shannon? When I can go back and search through old microfilms?

(Aside: Wayne Shannon did exist. I did not hallucinate him. He left KRON in 1988 when news director Herb Dudnick became tired of his essays and he tried to negotiate a new deal unsuccessfully. Perhaps he pissed too many people off. He resurfaced on CNBC, but how long he lasted, who can say?)

And here again, I find myself needing to confirm my memory against something. Even a few fleeting facts that still don’t tell the whole story.

A few years ago, I had a short-lived blog called Raising Caen, in which I read Herb Caen’s old columns, starting from 1938, and tried to see if there was any trace of any of the people or places he referenced online. No surprise. Most of them had disappeared. Major stores such as the Martha Washington Candy Shop chain, remembered fondly for its vanilla butter cream coated with dark chocolate, were unmemorialized. (More references can be found here.)

The point of all this is that, if you run a blog, you have a duty to remain curious about all sorts of things. You have a duty to present some element or representation of the truth that others might be able to jump off from or that, at least, permits them to read between the lines. A subject like Wayne Shannon may have seemed banal twenty years ago, but today, as I ponder if the man’s alive or dead and contemplate whether my own favorable response to him might have influenced me in some way, I would have been grateful for some online mention. Now it appears I’ll have to do some considerable footwork.

Is this journalism? Not exactly. But bloggers are, in their own strange way, keeping historical records. While I might go to the library to look up Wayne Shannon, I’m guessing that the general public would remain lazy about this. Perhaps, more than we realize, it’s up to us to do a better job.

[2008 UPDATE: You can now listen to a podcast interview with Wayne Shannon.]

[2012 UPDATE: Wayne Shannon has passed away. Here are my memories of befriending him, and here is a 21 clip video salute.]


  1. I went to SFGate to check the Chronicle’s archives to see if I could find something on Wayne Shannon. No luck even though I searched the entire archive. Then I saw it goes back only to 1995. It says, “for previous editions, please consult the local public or university library.”

    Then I checked Lexis/Nexis, which has the Chronicle database. Unfortunately, it seems to go back only to 1990, and for that year I found two references: a brief mention in a Herb Caen column that “humorist Wayne Shannon” as one of the celebs appeared at the first annual SF Crabcake Festival and a Question Man column asking people on Drumm Street the question “Who is a dull celebrity?,” which elicited this response from Lauren Miller, 25, an Oakland file clerk:

    “Wayne Shannon. His commentaries were so low key. He has a dull humor. His punchlines are anti-climactic. He cracks me up though, because he’s so dull yet so smug.”

    I’m sure there must be some more elucidating articles from the 1980s if only they could be accessed in the database.

  2. I, too, remember Wayne Shannon and actually got to interview him for a high school project. He was a very nice guy in real life. He also wrote a book called What’s it All Mean?. I am sure it is out of print, but you may be able to track down a copy somewhere.

  3. Finding this blog was progress on my futile efforts to find information on Wayne Shannon – which I’ve done several times over the past few years. I’m amazed we can’t seem to learn where he is now and what he’s been up to.

  4. Hi Edward:

    Wayne Shannon here. About once a year I get on the web and type in my name and see what I do/do not get.

    And there you were. Thanks for remembering me at all, web failure or not.

    My privacy continues to be paramount in my life, so, unfortunately, the email address above no longer exists. Sorry about that, but I’m not inclined to divulge the one I use these days.

    Actually, Herb Dudnick did NOT try and cut a new deal with me vis a vis KRON. I was out, and that was all there was to it. Luckily, I sensed it the instant he showed up and had the CNBC gig in the works when the hammer felll.

    I’m told “Shannon: What’s It All Mean?” is available on E-Bay and/or Amazon.com — but only as a trinket for the curious, and has no connection with me anymore.

    If you’re genuinely curious about me though, I would eventually go on and get a Masters and teach Journalism, writing, mostly, but would retire from that, too.

    I’m up in the Pacific Northwest now, and much enjoy being unknown.

    Have written a new book called “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa,” inspired by events that happened when I was in high school in Washington State in the mid 60s, which an agent in SF (Elizabeth Pomada) is looking at now, but it will probably amount to nothing more than I did.

    The attitude one has after a lifetime of fantastic low self-esteem. Some people are surprised to know that, but not anyone who knows/knew me.

    Again, thank you for recalling me with relative kindness.


  5. I grew up in SF at the time Wayne was on television and I fondly recall his wit. His talent was wasted on the medium or its executives. It has made my day to find he is alive and well. He changed my life for the positive, and I thank him for his work. I have his book, too.

  6. You were the best Wayne. You made the network anchors look like the rear ends of horses. What does it all mean???

    These days all it means is the daily value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

    Stay well,


    Jerold H. Rekosh, Ph.D.
    Member Number 1545939
    Public Relations Society of America
    33 Maiden Lane
    New York, New York

  7. I sure remember Wayne Shannon. I had recently moved to the Bay Area. I would be working from home and my wife would call out: “Ron, Wayne Shannon!” and I would bolt from my desk to catch his piece. It usually had me thinking and laughing for days. I can’t remember a single topic, only that it was informative and entertaining. And witty. It brightened my day as I’m sure it did for many thousands of people. Mentioning Wayne Shannon in a meeting or a party always got a smile. People felt better because of Wayne Shannon. Wayne, if you read this, please know for certain that you made a difference in people’s lives. My bet is that you still could. Wayne, if you need some inspiration, contact me. ron.cole@alchemy.name

  8. Hi Wayne, We are in Tennessee, smellin’ the Magnolia’s and came across your little ol’ name on the web. Like everyone else, we have been wondering what happened to you, we figured you fell into the Columbia river and drown. What’s up? and Why are you hiding? We love ya more than our luggage.

  9. I am one of a tiny handful of people still remaining at KRON that worked with Wayne Shannon during his tenure there. Thank you Wayne for responding to this thread. And thank you DrMabuse for writing the article that inspired it for I too have done internet searches for Wayne with no results until I found this. Wayne you are far from forgotten and you were truly unique in what you brought to the bay area. I’ll be thrilled to cover your book tour for “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa” when you make your triumphant return to San Francisco.

  10. Wayne Shannon was the best man at one of my weddings. The thing I remember about Wayne Shannon is that the more terrible his life got, the funnier he became. I also will say that of all the divorces I have ever known about from the ground up, his was absolutely the worst on the planet. I hope he is very happy now.

    I have his book and lots of letters from him. The world stopped for me in SF when he came on for his one minute insight. One night my husband and I walked home with him after the late night news and every prostitute waved to him and called him by name since he walked home every night from KRON. He was always faithful to his wives. Everyone loved him.

    We all met in Germany.

    Someone should make a movie of his life. It would be good.

  11. Guess I’m not the only SF local who remembers Wayne. I grew up in SF in the 80s and vaguely remember him on KRON, but when he was on, I’d always stop to see what he had to say. I’ll never forget how I tried and tried to obtain his business card for a treasure hunt contest on KMEL and finally succeeded.
    I worked for a time in the 90s at a grocery store frequented by some of KRONs on-air personalities. A couple of times I asked Gary Radnich (who always liked to show up with Janice Huff) or Pam Moore what happened to Wayne Shannon and no one seemed to know.
    Even Wikipedia, which seems to have something to say about everything and everyone only has one sentence about Wayne Shannon. Its sad to see what has become of KRON in teh years since loosing its NBC affiliation.
    Glad to know Wayne is doing well and enjoying life with whatever he is doing.

  12. What a pleasant surprise to find Wayne Shannon on my latest Googling effort. I always tried to tune in to KRON in the evening just to get my daily dose of Wayne’s humor. When he parted ways with the station I lost interest and resumed my channel surfing during evening newscasts.I treasure my copy of “What’s It All Mean?” and have used his commentary, “The Wordman of Alcatraz”.

    If ever “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa” ever gets into print I want to be one of the first ones on the list to buy it.

    I would be honored to hear from him.

  13. man, i’ve randomly googled wayne and never found anything till this. Thanks for digging it up.

    No commentary, but you can catch a visual glimpse of wayne on youtube from his kron days:


    He, Mark Thompson, and yes Radnich were all genuinely smart guys in a dumbed down business.

  14. I remember Wayne Shannon quite well from watching KRON-TV in the 1980s. I recall him affectionately as the ursine man with a good sense of humor and an innocuous snarl — never or rarely mean-spirited as he lobbed his barbs. I added a reference to his “Just 4 You” commentary segments to the KRON-TV wikipedia article a few months ago.

    I have one of his commentaries from “NewsCenter 4 Update,” the 11:00 p.m. newscast, on videotape from April 1986. Some day I’ll have to post it on the web.

    That Shannon commentary was titled “7-11 Minus 3” about the removal of three pornographic magazines (Hustler, Penthouse, Playboy) from Southland Corporation-owned 7-11 convenience stores. U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese’s pornography commission was in full swing then as part of the Reagan Administration’s cultural revolution and apparently 7-11 was feeling the heat.

    Mr. Shannon was amusing as he snorted and grimaced along with his various observations of these “skin magazines,” his uncle’s experiences with them, etc. At one point, he almost apologizes for his tirade with a well-placed: “I just thought I’d share that with you. (snort)” He concluded with something like, “Will I miss these magazines? Not really — but that’s only because “Doonesbury” (the cartoon) is starting to get kinky!”

    As I recall, Mr. Shannon had the habit of calling anchor Jim Paymar “James.” Mr. Shannon often was introduced as “our Wayne Shannon.” He even received billing in the opening credits — the ones that ended with the Golden Gate Bridge-inspired computer-generated “4” logo flying and bouncing across the screen.

    Mr. Shannon also had his own “bumper” before the commercial break preceding his “Just 4 You” segment on “Update” — it always began with Mr. Shannon saying “Just for you tonight …” and ended with the same ominous-sounding Tuesday Productions news music clip. (Incidentally, KRON-TV used the same “video wall paper” behind its bumpers for many years — an aerial shot of the Ferry Building and Embarcadero Freeway in downtown San Francisco.)

    His commentaries were re-run the following morning on “NewsCenter 4 Daybreak” after that program debuted in September 1986. Often viewers could hear “Update” anchors Jim Paymar and Sylvia Chase laughing with Mr. Shannon, a reminder that the segment was “canned” the previous night.

  15. I have to echo Jeff Pierce’s comment: I, too, worked with Mr. Shannon–I often operated his camera. He was a pleasure to worl with, and had the richest sense of humor I’ve seen in a long, long time.

    Know there are many of us here in the Bay Area, as well as all of the “oldtimers” at KRON, that would like you back on the air again!

    All the best, Mr. Shannon!

  16. Tuesday, 11 December 2007 — 9:56am

    Hello Again, Edward: Wayne-Bo here…My word… your column continues to receive input from former viewers — and even a few olde friends… I’m amazed… Truly…

    Anway… those in the media were rarely kind to me — but only because I probably deserved it… However, you seem to be one of the exceptions… and so, in some fashion… in an attempt to repay you for your kindness… I was wondering if you’d like a copy of a collection of poems I had published a couple of years ago called, “The Goodbye Sonnets?”

    It’s just your basic desent into insanity, you understand… so most are doubtless useless, either as poetry or pomposity… but I would highlite the few that have received some small degree of recognition over the years — and hopefully waste less of your valuable time…

    Please respond when opportunity or inclination permits. I would need a slug-mail address, of course.

    Happy Holidays, by the by, W-Bo.

  17. Hey, what am I, chopped liver? We can read in Tennesse you know, maybe not all the big words, but never-the-less, I should get a book. I think I have known you longer than any of these other people. How come they don’t know you were a big TV star in New York, on MSNBC and you are known and recognized world-wide, and in Minnesota too. Just one more thing, why are you so elusive. Did you rob a bank? Are you the real D.B. Cooper? What do you think of a college reunion? I would like my book signed please. Love ya

  18. Thursday, 13 December 2007 — 2:30pm

    Good Heavens… Joyce the Voice… Wow. I wasn’t completely sure that it was you — in the earlier email… No, you’ve hardly been forgotten — or Sandra… and just to give you an idea of the deapth and quality of the memories… there is actually — no kidding — a “Joyce The Voice” in the book I’ve recently completed, “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa.”

    Nobody wants the book, at least so far, and probably never will, but… if you’d like a copy, and, yes, signed… post a business slug-mail address on this site — and I’ll see it gets there. The sonnets, too, if you’d like.

    As for my being in “hiding,” it’s nothing so… well, it’s simply not the case… It’s because… as odd as it may sound (from me?)… the fellow you knew… is quite… gone. I just get his mail, so to speak.


  19. Hi Wayne, I got a good laugh when you said you weren’t sure that was us in the previous email. How many Joyce and Sandra’s do you know? It’s really scary that there would be more than 1 set of us!!! We are still best friends (44 years now) even though we live 3,000 miles apart. Sandra retired last year and moved to Shelton and I have been retired for some years now, so neither of us have a business address. However, I will figure something out, just give me a week or so, then check back on this site. I have a 6 year old granddaughter, and I will be busy with her this week doing Grandma & Granddaughter things. I am so excited to read the books. I hope I’m a beautiful fairy princess. Love ya

  20. Hey Wayne,
    We moved to the Bay Area (actually my “hometown” is SF because I was born there in 1947) from Oregon (yes, the great Northwest where it seems that you now reside) in 1984. One of the highlights while we were making the “transition” was seeing you each evening. For some strange reason, we dug out your book (What’s It All Mean) today and decided to “Google” you! What a fun afternoon (no gifts wrapped, no cards written, no cookies baked) but just pure pleasure and memories reading all of this. We are so glad to know that others share our fond memories of you and please let us know WHERE and WHEN we can get “The Golden Toe of Appaloosa”.
    Merry Christmas!
    Rose Healy and Patrick Sahli

  21. Hi Wayne, I have opened a new email address just for the purpose of sending you my home address. Please contact me at joycethev@gmail.com Put your real name is the subject line so I know it is from you. Hope you had a good Christmas. Can’t wait to read the sonnets and the book. Love ya, Joyce

  22. 5 January 2008

    W-Bo here again…

    How lovely to read such wonderful comments… I didn’t really expect to be remembered at all, let alone well… Thank all of you who have been so kind…

    Joyce the Voice: Okay, Will visit your website right after I finish this… and… I figure I’ll include a copy of a DVD I’ve just finished for my children… the ones I can find, anyway…

    I call it “Wayne-Bo’s Hatest Grits — the Old Man and the See.” It covers virtually my entire career (examples anyway) — from almost my first words on American tele — to my very last, “Yahoo!” 1977 — 2001. I’ll include a copy of “The Goodbye Sonnets,” “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa,” (just the manuscript, since it will doubtless never see the dark — or light — of printer’s ink) — plus the DVD.

    I don’t know what to do about the various requests above for “The Golden Toe,” and perhaps later, the DVD… I’ll have to figure something out… and considering the mind I have to work with… that might take years… Also, I suspect a lot of the video on the disc might be considered “copywrited” material — so I’d have to make sure that neither I — nor anyone else ever attemps to “sell” a copy — it would only ever be considered a “gift,” in the truest sense. I wouldn’t wish to offend (or git sued) by any of my past employers… who doubtless long ago came to rue the day…

    My best to you all, and talk to you soon JTV.


  23. Hi Wayne, Just letting you know, if you sent me anything, I did not receive it. If there is a problem, post it here. Love ya JTV

  24. Tuesday, 15 Jan ’08

    Yo, Joyce The Voice: I sent my personal email address to that web address you’ve listed — but got no response — and so, never got a slug-mail address for you — you might check it again. Anyway, I still have no ground address to mail you anything.


  25. ha ha… this is all so hilarious to me! I work with Wayne! I googled him and watched a few videos on youtube from his news casting days. He is one fun guy! Whenever we walk in to work he always says “welcome home.” and occasionally he’ll add “gorgeous” onto the end of it whenever appropriate.

    it never would have crossed my mind that he would have a grouping of followers! he must have made quite an impression years and years ago. I’m glad to have the pleasure to work with him. He certainly adds something special to the day.

  26. …I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to figure out who wrote the two emails above… Does Paul even know? Still like to hit me, don’t you, Keks?

  27. wayne,

  28. Hey, Sis… If you can remember me call you that when you were little… Edward Champion has been kind enough to send me your email address… So, if you don’t mind… I will write you when I can… see… more clerly than now… Love You Forever, Dad

  29. “The Bible Belt Unbuckled” was one of the best on bay area tv. I saw Wayne Shannon on FNN? or CNBC when it first started up and have been looking for some reruns of those jim and tammy faye bakker bits everywhere. Someone should make a dvd of them…..

  30. Hi Penelope: Wayne-Bo here. Actually, I don’t have a DVD of any of “The Bible Belt Unbuckled” series on KRON — (“Powder tends to corrupt, and absolute powder, corrupts absolutely”) — but I do have a “Hatest Grits” DVD — and if and when I can fine a way to do it — I will have them mass produced — and anyone who wants one — will git it. Fer Free. Will Advise. W-Bo.

  31. So glad this site is here and to see all those that love Wayne.

    Wayne — this is Victoria (Vicky) who worked with you on the “MoneyWheel” in the wee years of CNBC. I was a booker, then a producer. I don’t know if you remember me — but I so enjoyed you — as a commentator and a colleague — and your humor was right up my alley. I remember I had a file of stories that I called “truth is stranger than fiction” and I would pass several on to you that ended up being your commentary for the day.

    Would love to get your dvd and book of poetry if you’re so inclined. And Ted David (former CNBC anchor) is talking about pulling together a CNBC originals reunion. My web e-mail is listed — I seldom use it. Please write there– if you are interested or need to get my snail-mail address. vlc2264@gmail.com

    So glad you’re living life on your terms! Take care.

  32. Wayne, yes there is a CNBC reunion! Ted is organizing the event and he can be reached at cnbcreunion@gmail.com. It will take place sometime in May or June, 2009 out here in Jersey.

    And if you get a moment, I want to share something with you from the days at CNBC – it has to do with the baby naming book you gave me as a gift about 19 years ago. You are probably unaware of the “magic” associated with that gift! If you get this message, please email me at maydabosco@yahoo.com and I will elaborate.

    All my best, Mayda

  33. Hi Wayne —

    It looks like the CNBC Reunion will be Sat. May 16. Location is still TBD. We’d love to have you with us. Ted is keeping headcount through RSVP’s at the website listed above.

    If you can’t or don’t wish to come — we’d still love to hear from you — perhaps in a witty dvd — reminiscent of the commentaries we came to know and love so well. But your presence would be appreciated all the more.

    Be well and hope to hear from you one way or the other.


  34. Since my last comment my email has changed. I’m about half-way through my umpteenth reading of “What’s It All Mean?”, ergo my effusive mood. I’d just love to gain ownership to “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa” and the compilation of poems…and I’d KILL to get that DVD!!

  35. I am SO sorry I didn’t check this web site again until it was too late to attend the CNBC reuion. Would have LOVED to have seen TED and all of you so much again… I can’t begin to describe my disappointment in myself… but then, I’ve never cared for me much… and continue to be completely and absolutely amazed… that anyone else ever did… Maybe next time… W-Bo.

  36. Phil Kraft! Hell yes, I remember you… Weren’t you with us the unforgettable night when we were all were carted off to Long Bihn Jail — for a curfew violation? And, for many years… I had a picture of you holding up a coat hanger that you’d bent into the shape of “Phillip.” How do I reach you? Then known as “Gerry” (from my first name, Gerald).

  37. Wayne, Have been sending lots of emails to you but have had no response. Glad to see you have posted as of May 18, at least I know you are alive and I assume well.

  38. Dear JTV: I think the problem is… the email address you’ve been sending to… is long gone, and I now live many miles from there. And the address I’m using now, I can also assure you… is temporary. Not much to be done about anything these days. W-Bo.

  39. So nice to find this rememberance of Wayne, and I’m looking forward to listening to the podcast. Very funny guy, who always seemed somewhat out of place on the sappy local news. I remember an ultra-low-budget game show Wayne was on called “Claim to Fame,” a sort of “I’ve Got a Secret,” which aired on KRON on Sunday afternoons, or something like that. The contestants got around $25 if they stumped the panel of four. It was all very hilarious.

  40. Glad to know you’re still alive, my dear former colleague and hopefully still a friend. It;s been a very long time since our work together in Detroit. Lots has happened to both of us, of course, so would like to catch up. Been juggling lots of balls in the air, as a producer/tealent and consultant, from producing a Telly-award winning documentary with longtime friend and former D.C. colleague Sam Donaldson as my host, to narrating and writing numerous documentaries,
    to working in South Africa, Singapore, Denmark, the U.K. and France. At age 72, after left hip replacement, beating leukemia and cancer…all this year…about to resume speed on international radio as a music-oriented program host, as well as an advisor to two groups involved with anti-terrorism and green energy.
    I hope you’ll please get in touch with me at BNZ1@aol.com, soon, Remember, you were the one who introduced me to Anchor Steam beer at a watering hole across from the Jack Tar Hotel!
    You are sincerely and fondly remembered by yours truly, so I hope we can share some communication, and possibly a visit, once again.
    All the best TO the best.
    (Now with four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren!)

  41. Oh Wayne, don’t give me that shit about not much to be done now or that you live so far from wherever, I know where you are, you told me where you were going and that you would email me when you got there. And what about Cheryl? You are driving me and Sandra insane, stop being such a martyr and email me dammit!!! You can be such an ass.

  42. Wayne (Gerry):

    Long Binh Jail! I forgot that was where they took us! My email address is philkraft at optonline dot net. I forgot how to get to this website! I’m also reachable on FaceBook. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  43. I find myself truly dumbstruck at finally finding this site and at least some evidence that not only did Wayne Shannon exist, but that he’s alive out there somewhere.

    I was just a kid, watching Wayne on KRON— ok so I was a kid who watched the news — But I remember not only the humor but the heartfelt sincerity that was and is still lacking in so many forms of media today. Hell, even in some personal relationships. I counted on Wayne to really truly lay down What it all Meant, at least to him and why.

    I had to hunt down a used copy of Wayne’s book to prove to my wife (who grew up in DC, we now live in PA) the impact of the man.

    Wayne, if you’re out there still looking in on here, I hope you stick your head up some more and brighten the days of those who are lucky to see you coming.

    Hell, Id even invest in a Wayne Shannon self published book 😀

    Wonder if KRON would be bribeable enough to sell a collection of segments?

  44. Wayne, my name is David and I was a student of yours at Clark during summer quarter about 10 years ago, you said it was your last class before retirement. Everyone on the paper really missed you and said it wasn’t the same anymore. I never had the opportunity to be on the paper with you but will certainly never forget that class or what you taught me about how to be a journalist – it’s always been with me.

    All the best,

  45. Wayne and I were friends for a long time and I have lost him. His efforts at anonymity are very successful. About once every six months, I try again. This is the closest I have come to locating him. If he reads this and will tell me where to look, we’ll connect, Bogerd, here.

  46. Just had a nice dinner with Wayne…guess I’m the luckiest guy in the thread 🙂 Hi Wayne!

  47. WOW!! I’ve tried to find Wayne for a long time. Went to college with him. Nice to see N.Bogaard’s name pop up, too….

  48. I’m still looking to get a copy of “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa”. My copy of “What’s It All Mean” has been lent to many of my close friends along with sincere threats of bodily harm for not returning the book.

    I’m still somewhat jealous of his ability to come up nightly with gems of humor so eloquently stated.

    I’d love to hear from him.

    Dan Schell

  49. I hold in my right hand – no, not tonight’s Top Ten list – a letter from Mr. Shannon, dated January 28, 1988 and printed on KRON letterhead, sent in response to an overly-emotional fan letter. I won’t embarrass either of us with a summary of what I wrote, but his reply remains a cherished memento.

    You have earned your retirement, and I hope you have many more years to enjoy it…but the world could use more of your wit.

  50. My father, Gerald Wayne ‘Shannon’ Schetzle has passed away.

    A service is being planned for the weekend of the 19th of this month in Eugene, OR, where his mother, LaVonne Shannon was laid to rest last year.

    If you would like to attend to pay your respects, please contact me. My email address is chris.schetzle@live.com. If you send me an email I will respond with further details.

    He was loved and will be missed.

    – Chris Schetzle

  51. Wow, Wayne Shannon is dead. I remember him on TV when I was a kid. He was actually kinda funny — gotta be tough to be funny day in and day out to a wide audience and I’d guess he didn’t have a huge team of writers. Sad that there’s no videos to show it.

    To his family, I’m really sorry for your loss. I can’t tell from the reports why exactly Wayne decided to go but he was a lovable staple back in the 80s.

  52. My family always watched the news during dinner and I remember Wayne Shannon quite fondly. We really enjoyed his witty and irreverent commentary. RIP, Wayne.

  53. There is at least one Wayne Shannon “Just 4 You” commentary from KRON-TV on the internet. Search for “KRON NewsCenter 4 Update – 1/24/86 – Part 3 of 3”. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZnJi1YomzY Start at 3:40
    Here he reports from New Orleans, two days before the 1986 Super Bowl (Bears vs. Patriots).
    RIP, Wayne Shannon.

  54. Thank you for your being a unique, humorous, kind human being. Your poetic words were insightful and quirky and helped paint our mundane world with a different color. Although I was just a kid when you were broadcasting on KRON, I fondly remember your commentaries. Thank you Wayne for having the courage to be yourself and not be a sheep. I can only hope we all will carry little bits of that torch of honesty and courage. You will be missed!

  55. 8/26/16: Just read in the SF Chronicle that Warren Hinckle has died. That incited me to re-read his foreword in “SHANNON: What’s it all mean?” Two intellectually generous people that will be missed. I’d LOVE to find a place to get a copy of “The Golden Toe of the Appaloosa”. Any suggestions?

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