When is a Karen Not a Karen? The Cruelty and Lies of Karlos Dillard

Karlos Dillard — a 27-year-old Postmates driver and self-published author in Seattle — was cut off by a 1996 Geo Metro during a routine food delivery. The car was driven by a white woman. Dillard is black. Dillard said that he was on his way to a restaurant he refers to as “Dick’s Dine-In” to pick up a food delivery for a Postmates gig. (There are five franchises of Dick’s Drive-In operating in Seattle. I have confirmed that all five restaurants do indeed offer Postmates delivery.)

Dillard claimed — in a series of Instagram stories — that he had the right of way to merge onto a street from Melrose Avenue in “Capitol Hill. Fucking Capitol Hill.” Dillard says that he was in the right lane. As the two lanes of the unspecified street were about to merge, Dillard says that the woman “freaked out and swung around me and got in front of me and slammed on her brakes and did a brake check.” He further claims that he nearly collided into the back of her car.

At this point, we can confine the details of this incident to, at worst, an act of minor road rage — a common act that anyone, irrespective of race or background, engages in when they are facing significant anxiety — an anxiety that the present pandemic and economic uncertainty has instilled in anyone. But Dillard wished to escalate this — without a shred of video evidence — into a flimsy claim that the unidentified Geo Woman had instigated an act of racism. He decided to take advantage of the present moment, in which the Karen meme of white women using their privilege to engage in repugnant acts of racism has proven to be quite popular.

Dillard, a Trump supporter whose online record shows a clear angling for attention and online fame, saw an opportunity to go viral. So he chased the Geo Woman down in his car and confronted her, releasing the below video excerpt onto Twitter, which, as I write this, has been seen more than four million times.

In addition, the full video can be found here:

UPDATE: In an attempt to hide his evidence, Dillard removed the above Instagram post. The full video can be found below:

Karlos Dillard acted with great cruelty in his video.

The woman is clearly terrified. Her hands are shaking. She desperately covers her face and her license plate. Anyone who drives a Geo Metro built in another century is clearly not rolling in riches. So why go after her like this?

The Geo Woman feels attacked by the camera. We have no idea if she’s suffered any kind of past trauma or abuse. What a normal person with any shred of empathy would do here is put the camera down and give her the opportunity to apologize. But that’s not what Dillard does. He continues to call her a Karen, sticking his knife into the woman’s vulnerability and inflating his claim. He pans his phone to the woman’s car and gleefully announces, “Guys, this is her license plate number. She lives here. This is her address.” The woman shrieks at the top of her lungs, “No! No! Please! This is not true.”

“You cut me off!” bellows Dillard.

“No, I didn’t!” says the Geo Woman.

The woman begs for Dillard to leave her alone and to let her offer an apology for whatever happened. But what does Dillard do? He backs away from the woman and shouts into the Seattle streets for attention, “Guys! She flipped me off and then she tried to come home.” It’s vital to note that Dillard does not mention any act of racism in the early period of this unsettling video. Then he shrieks, “She did apologize for calling me a n**** and flipping me off” to anyone who will listen. And yet we don’t actually hear the woman acknowledging that she did any of this. Dillard is the person in the position of power here. And he knows it.

“Ma’am, what have I done to you?” barks Dillard.

“You’re going to ruin my life and you don’t even know me.”

Throughout the video, the Geo Woman repeatedly denies flipping Dillard off. “No, I didn’t! I swear to God!” she shrieks as she cowers with fear, desperately hiding the license plate and wailing with unbearable pain. She claims repeatedly, “I didn’t even see you!” in the full video.

Various onlookers look terribly confused as she cries, “He won’t listen to me!” An unspecified white man claims that he “saw her do it.” But what precisely did this man see?

Dillard eventually drives off and pulls across the street as various people try to comfort the Geo Woman. Then he returns to the scene, his camera off, and there is this exchange:

DILLARD: You literally cut me off. You flipped me off, correct?
GEO WOMAN: I did. But it wasn’t the way..
GEO WOMAN: …you won’t let me finish.

[Is the Geo Woman confessing to accidentally cutting Dillard off? Or flipping him off? Or is she overwhelmed by the rapid fire nature of Dillard’s relentless questions?]

GEO WOMAN: I didn’t mean to. ‘Cause I was trying to…
DILLARD: Then what did I do illegally?
GEO WOMAN: Can I — can I…
DILLARD: I had to merge.
GEO WOMAN: I — Can I talk?
DILLARD: Yeah. Go ahead.
GEO WOMAN: I feel sorry…
DILLARD: I have to…
GEO WOMAN: (crying) My arm! My heart.
DILLARD: Ma’am, you can’t just be going down flipping people off.
GEO WOMAN: I didn’t know you were — I wanted to touch you because I wanted you to — I know. I understand. You are a stranger. We — look me in the eyes.
DILLARD: You’re not going to be on Instagram. That’s not my deal here.

But going viral is most certainly Dillard’s “deal.”

The Geo Woman never once confesses specifically to flipping Dillard off. If anything, she extends empathy to him for accidentally cutting him off. Moreover, Dillard explicitly tells the Geo Woman — who is now a subject of ridicule — that she will not be on Instagram, betraying his pledge to clear up the misunderstanding privately.

In other words, Dillard’s video is not an act of social justice or even a noble fight for justice. It is an act of pure and unadulterated sadism, conducted by Dillard without a shred of compassion.

The other aspect of Dillard’s video that went viral was the Geo Woman announcing that she has a black husband. Here is the transcript:

DILLARD: You flipped me off! You flipped me off!
DILLARD: Don’t touch me! Do not touch me.
GEO WOMAN: I’m trying to…
DILLARD: You flipped me off!
GEO WOMAN: I have a black husband!
DILLARD: I don’t care. Why did you flip me off?
GEO WOMAN: You were totally calling me something that I’m not.

There are several important aspects to note here that reveal both the truth of what happened and Dillard’s questionable motivations.

1. At no point does the Geo Woman say that she flipped Dillard off or committed racism.
2. The Geo Woman is still processing some shouting guy with a camera confronting her. And instead of giving the Geo Woman the opportunity to process what’s going on, he instead bullies her with the question, “Why did you flip me off?”

* * *

What is the basis for Dillard’s claims of racism from this woman? In an effort to understand why, I have downloaded and reviewed the eighty photos and videos that Dillard uploaded to his Instagram stories feed on June 22, 2020 for this story. You can download the collected files here. After careful study, it’s pretty clear that there are too many contradictions and constant additions to Dillard’s story for it to be accepted in any court of law. Of the professed brake check and racism, Dillard doesn’t possess any evidence other than his own word, which constantly shifts over the course of his Instagram feed. He also takes many opportunities throughout these Instagram stories to promote his book and his merchandise.

There is a short video of the woman’s Geo facing Dillard, the Geo pulling back with its driver’s side open, and the woman’s Geo then driving off. Dillard has not posted any video demonstrating that the Geo Woman acted with any form of racism. In fact, when he shouts at the Geo Woman, he doesn’t make any mention of her professed racism, which would seem to be the underlying source of his beef. He merely bemoans that she was “driving crazy in Seattle.” He merely shouts, “Karen, learn how to drive!”

As Dillard revisits the incident, the details of his story keep changing. He initially says that the woman “sticks her fingers out of the window and starts flipping me off and saying all of this fucking racial shit.” Dillard also claims that the woman followed him for three blocks. And yet he has no video to back up any of this.

In another bit of testimony from Instagram Stories, Dillard then says that the Geo Woman “purposely brake checked me” and then adds the new detail of the Geo Woman smiling — “the smile and the words that came out of her mouth and her flicking me off.” But the source video of the Geo doesn’t show the woman doing any of these things. Has Dillard conveniently omitted the details?

Dillard takes the opportunity to mock the Geo Woman for having a black husband, stating with hyperbole:

“I have a black husband” will forever be the defense of racist people….and clearly your husband can’t really be about the movement. Because he would have had a conversation with you. Like, if you really had a black husband, you would know what you did was inappropriate. You would also what you’re doing now is inappropriate. If you had a black husband, you would have been apologetic.

But wait a minute. Dillard claimed at the scene of the incident that the Geo Woman did apologize “for calling me a n*****,” even going to the trouble of shouting this at the top of his lungs to anyone who would listen. Moreover, what could the Geo Woman be doing “right now” given that Dillard is removed from her?

To add additional credibility and framing to his claim, Dillard also includes a video on his Instagram Stories feed having a conversation with his husband, completely discounting the road rage as the motivating factor behind the incident. Karlos’s husband Kristopher (who, it is worth noting, was attacked on a bus in 2016) claims that, if Dillard had hit the Geo Woman, then he would “owe her a new car.” And this leap in logic is used to further suggest that the Geo Woman acted with unmitigated racism. Dillard responds:

So issue isn’t the road rage. It’s the…the “Why it happened?” And that’s why I wanted — that’s really — I didn’t give a fuck about her calling me out on my name or flipping me off. I really got pissed off.

Despite remaining cool as a cucumber throughout all of his Instagram Stories, Dillard also paints himself as a suffering victim, suggesting that he will suffer from “hypertension, blood pressure, insomnia, back problems, [and] chiropractic problems.” It is worth pointing out that none of the many legitimate victims of Karens have ever felt compelled to list a series of physical ailments after being subjected to unacceptable racism.

Dillard, a Detroit native, has his own troubled past. He was abandoned at the age of fifteen and worked three jobs while homeless to survive through high school and college. [UPDATE: TrueAnonPod has uncovered a post by Dillard’s adopted mother that disputes his claims. It is worth noting that Karlos Dillard’s original name was Carlos Gum.]

Dillard had gained some Internet attention in the early days of the Seattle protest when he was videotaped blowing bubbles in front of the police. And this is indeed a pleasant and peaceful counterpoint to the relentless police abuse in that area.

But the lion’s share of his online activities appear to have involved harassing people and leveling spurious claims of racism.

The incident with the Geo isn’t the first time that Dillard has claimed that others were racist during the course of a Postmates delivery. On May 28, 2020, Dillard claimed that the proprietors of A Burger Place demanded to see his ID when picking up an order and that this was an act of racism. Much like the Geo incident, Dillard doesn’t have any video evidence of the alleged remarks that the “racist Asian lady” said to him. Much like the Geo incident, Dillard’s subjects are clearly uncomfortable with his accusations. Additionally — and this is another troubling aspect to Dillard’s approach — his confrontational antics appear to target women. In one of his Instagram stories, he calls the Geo Woman “that bitch.” If Dillard claims to be fighting systemic racism, then can he look inward and confront what appears to be a strain of systemic misogyny?

There’s also the question of whether Dillard’s political motivations are entirely sound. He voiced support for Trump as recently as last month. In a July 11, 2017 episode of The Black Guy Conservative Athesist, Dillard states, “I did vote for Donald Trump.” He later says of Trump: “He might help me with my business taxes. I might get a business loan, which I can’t seem to do.” In a followup interview in May, Dillard claimed that Trump “hasn’t done anything directly to black people, but his antics over the last three years have ignited so much ignorance.” He later said in the followup podcast, “I still think with my thing. I don’t think he has hurt small business and I don’t think he has directly affected black folks.”

In examining Dillard’s Instagram stories, there is an undeniably cruel, attention-seeking, and truth-bending thrust to his grievances — such as the way in which he spliced together the audio from a video depicting a legitimate act of racism from an unquestionable Karen onto his own video. Dillard also leaves in the “You’re an asshole” comment from the original Karen video to suggest that the Geo Woman said these remarks to him.

Perhaps Dillard’s motivation for attention by any means necessary has to do with “financial problems” that he alludes to on one of his Instagram Stories videos.

The epidemic of Karens is certainly one that needs to be exposed and addressed. Racism in any form absolutely needs to be called out and denounced — especially at this pivotal moment in American affairs when so many white people are having difficulty coming to terms with their privilege and truly must do so in order for this nation to come closer to racial equality. But when there is no video evidence of racism — as is the case with the Geo Woman — and the alleged victim — in this case, Karlos Dillard — appears more motivated by cruelty and vengeance and malice and ridicule, to say nothing of an overwhelmingly narcissistic need for attention, one does need to ask whether the cold and compassionless act of revealing the personal details and doxxing a terrified woman for a minor road rage offense is the act of a bona-fide Karen. One must also ask of Dillard why he felt the need to be so cruel and why he wished to gain fame and profit from the suffering of an innocent woman.

Moreover, Dillard’s wanton cruelty is a setback to the impressive progress of the courageous Black Lives Matter movement. When the evidential details are manufactured or outright erroneous, as they clearly are here with Dillard, then it dissuades someone who is on the fence about joining a vital and necessary struggle that will lead to a better tomorrow.

And then there’s the Geo Woman. At this point, the video has now spread so far and wide that it can no longer be pulled. What repercussions and trauma will she face? Are we to offer her no empathy because one opportunistic huckster says that it must be so?

6/23/2020 7:30 PM UPDATE: The TrueAnn Pod Twitter account has excavated a restraining order filed against Dillard for harassing a woman, further buttressing Dillard’s misogyny. Additionally, this Pastebin file links to numerous criminal charges, including driving without a license, numerous offers to commit prostitution, use of a weapon, and harassment.

6/23/2020 9:45 PM UPDATE: There’s another inconsistency to Dillard’s story. In the “brake incident” video posted above, Dillard is clearly blocks away from the Melrose Avenue area where he says that the Geo Woman cut him off. As I point out in the below tweet, there are a number of fishy details: (1) Why is the Geo Woman’s door open? (2) Why is there no mention of either flipping the bird or the smile or the racist language that was to come later in Dillard’s claims? (3) Is it possible that Dillard singled out the Geo Woman and pursued her?

6/24/2020 7:45 AM UPDATE: Twitter has temporarily suspended Dillard’s account.

6/24/2020 3:15 PM UPDATE: Karlos Dillard has broken his silence and spoken with Insider‘s Rachel E. Greenspan. Dillard’s very own testimony, when corroborated against Google Maps, suggests that he completely invented the merging/cutoff incident. Because, as I documented in the two tweets below, much of the geography of that neighborhood doesn’t allow for two lane streets. We know from the brake chase video that he started pursuing the Geo Woman on Summit Street. He has claimed in another video that Melrose Avenue was where the two lanes merged into one. But I’ve run Google Street View along that sector and it’s one lane in both directions across every stretch of the way. Additionally, the only place he could have merged from when he alleges that he and the Geo Woman circled was along East Olive Street or East Pine Street. And I don’t see a place where there were two lanes. It now occurs to me that the fact that Dillard has been sketchy and nebulous about the location where the cutoff happened leads further credence that it was completely invented.

6/2/2020 1:00 PM UPDATE: I am very much indebted to two readers for pointing me to a number of new developments. First off, the original version of the article slightly mangled the precise transcript wording in the longer video. I have corrected it. Additionally, in an attempt to avoid scrutiny, Dillard has also removed the longer version of his video on Instagram from public view. But it is still accessible if you have the link — as it is through this article.

Second, a video that Dillard uploaded on June 15, 2020 has Dillard and his husband confessing to a con in which they harass people with false charges, suggesting further that Dillard have made it a habit to target people with charges of racism to get what they want. The pertinent conversation is at the 35:00 mark in the above video:

KARLOS: We wouldn’t go to another store. But this other store doesn’t have wood tip wine. And that’s what I smoke. And, and I don’t smoke plastic. I don’t smoke Jazz. I smoke wood tip wine. If it’s not wood tip wine, I’m very unhappy. So this place has both. So we went back and we also — okay, to be fair, we went back to start problems. But…
KRISTOPHER: I went back to start a problem. I don’t give a fuck. I went back to get my…
KARLOS: I went back to see if you’ve learned anything!
KARLOS: From our last encounter.
KRISTOPHER: Let’s find out.

Then Kristopher plays a video of the two men in a store, suggesting that the owners were racist because a person had walked out with a six pack of beer and the store didn’t have beer and they felt entitled to it.

KRISTOPHER: You were lying.
KARLOS: That was a true lie.
KRISTOPHER: (laughs) That was a complete lie. We ain’t seen nobody.
KARLOS: That was…when I tell you, when I tell you…
KRISTOPHER: That was a lie.
KARLOS: That was a lie I made up on the spot. Because when I…I was caused for this. So what you do is: It’s called Lay a Trap. You lay a trap of racism.
KARLOS: Because really, really, if you really did do that, he would have been like, “I haven’t served anyone alcohol.”
KARLOS: And then I would shut my mouth!
KARLOS: And went to another store.
KARLOS: What did he say?

They then play an additional part of the clip in which the “lay a trap” game is played down. Karlos is then very enthusiastic about his lie.

KARLOS: I just made up an imaginary person who I…. [he falls on the couch, laughing]
KRISTOPHER: An imaginary person who is white.

What we have with this video is Dillard completely incriminating himself and pointing to his systemic lies less than two weeks before the Geo Woman video. His “Lay a Trap” game, applied both to the woman at A Burger Place and to the Geo Woman, is a game that Dillard and his husband delight in playing.

I have downloaded a local copy of the video. Should Dillard make any efforts to remove this evidence, I will upload it and ensure that this is available for public scrutiny.


  1. I said this from the jump. If she had called him the n word, that would have been the bone of contention from the start. But he only says it once. His rage is from her road rage. Who tf cares?? We have all had road rage. As a woman, if any man idc if hes purple follows me home after an incident on the road, I’m freaking out too. She is up on issues and as soon as he called her karen she said “I’m not, I have a black husband and dont attack me”. She knew what was to ensue and she was abt to have her entire life in jeopardy over a misunderstanding or even worse, a lie. After actually looking into this guy, in an attempt to see if her husband was black, I found that he is a wanna be public figure who has a history of doing this. AND he is SELLINH MERCH already from this incident. I believe she was panicking abt all the aforementioned issues, and I dont belive she used a racial slur. Did she flip him off and brake check him, probably. But who tf cares??? It does not warrant the harassment he has perpetrated. She never mentioned the cops so I don’t want to hear how dangerous that could have been for him. I’m glad someone researched this and didn’t just go with his account.

  2. Great analysis. It’s awesome how you pull together evidence and also highlight the key points where there is no evidence. I’m only disappointed that you appear to approve of hijacking the name “Karen” to describe racist or obnoxious behavior. 1.1 million women are named Karen, and we’d really like to have our name back.

  3. Social Media needs to die. Someone getting flipped off, cut off, even cussed out, should be a personal/ local issue. Queuing up the GD twitter/fb/ig/etc/bs/bs TROLL MOB to destroy a person is absolutely disgusting and should be entirely illegal. They do this social media credit score stuff in totalitarian places like China.. you don’t follow their rules or do things as the dear leader says.. then your life is destroyed in front of the virtual audience. The response to these local events of thousands of shitposts from disgusting ass-scratching basement-dwellers and professional-trolls of the garbage can that is social media today – is a shame to humanity. These crybullies are so far removed from the ability to connect with other people in their community.. Instead, they sick the shit-mob on people. Shut it all down. SOCIAL MEDIA NEEDS TO DIE.

  4. When I first watched this, I was confused, but have to admit, even as a black man, that I felt a bit bad for her. But, then, I watched again. Answer this for me: why did SHE mention race first by proclaiming “you don’t understand, I have a black husband!!”. What didn’t he understand, and how was her black husband relevant? As you point out, he never confronted her about her alleged use of the n-word, yet she felt immediately compelled to mention her black husband in her defense? Unless you’d argue that she was preemptively arguing against what she thought was an inevitable unwarranted charge of racism, it doesn’t make sense that she’d lead with that as, again, all he’d actually accused her of was cutting him off and giving him the finger. You have to admit that’s curious…

  5. I feel sorry for that poor lady. What this guy did by following and shaming her like that was disgusting. I hope people see this moron for who he really is, just an attention grabber.

  6. The author of this article is white, and not at the scene of the altercation. I dont think that a white person can tell a black person what to feel when they are called the n word. If that was triggering for Karlos, then he has the right to deal with that right now in the age of Karens. Do I think that Karlos’ reaction was over the top, sure, but I know that when you get in the heat of the moment, things can escalate quickly, and in the videos that I saw, you see all of the white neighbors coming to the lady’s defense. I would be annoyed too, knowing that she was in the wrong.

    With all of the backstory into Karlos Dillard and his Husband in the article, it seems more like the author has a personal vendetta or beef with them, and this article is just trying to make them out to be the villain. Saying that Karlos has a troubled past, and that equates to what he is doing now, seems racist of the author. “Dillard, a Detroit native, has his own troubled past. He was abandoned at the age of fifteen and worked three jobs while homeless to survive through high school and college.” Stop vilifying black people for them reacting to people starting racist stuff with them.

  7. @Matt:

    The problem is that there is no evidence she called him any slur. In fact, it doesn’t seem like she did at all.

  8. Matt: There is no evidence whatsoever that Dillard was called the n-word by the Geo Woman. We have only Dillard’s word. And, as documented in my article, the details of his story kept changing and were conveniently elided and interspersed at key moments for Dillard to take full advantage of the situation. Not all the white neighbors came to Dillard’s defense if you watch the full video. Many of them — including a woman — went to Dillard to make sure he was okay. I have no personal vendetta or axe to grind. The biographical detail about Dillard is offered to get a better sense of who he is as a person. It is not a vilification. I even commended him for blowing bubbles at the protest. This is a question of whether Dillard’s serious claims hold up. And the evidence tells us that these don’t. I stand by my reporting.

  9. What I see is a low life, like George Floyd. The world would be a better place without them The cop should be given a medal for getting rid of Floyd and hopefully this asshole will find his bullet from another blackman.

  10. This article is FAKE news. Dillard is a fine young man, the best young man there is. I am sure he does the greatest deliveries. Anyone who voted for me can’t be a bad person.

  11. So tired of everyone crying racism.. racism comes from all colors btw and if u don’t like the n word nobody should use it..not even black people who for some reason think it’s ok for them to use it.. none of you witnessed slavery either so stop acting like u did..just live life love each other and worry about the big picture..

  12. Dillard is a pussy, a liar and an attention whore (much like the person he voted for). His criminal past speaks for itself. I would like to see him pull this shit on a man! I think you should publish HIS address and let her husband deal with him. He is such an Omarosa, not EVERYTHING is about race.

  13. One video he posted shows her backing away from him with her door open. Suggests she is fleeing confrontation. She melted down immediately after getting out of car, potential mental health component at play, also suggests he made previous accusations not on video because she goes into denial right away. Based on my own review of available evidence I’m inclined to believe he is making up the racial component. Im a brown man, my brown and black friends In Seattle occasionally deal with overt racists, this man and his husband seem to deal with it way more frequently. To do this to this woman, to the restaurants and others is shameful and it harms people of color. We are out here fighting racism while he is perpetrating it for his own advancement and social media fame which is disgusting.

    Seems like he has a lot of racist encounters on Yelp too.


  14. Anonymous: Yeah, I included the video of the Geo Woman’s door open flee in the article. And that does seem incredibly abnormal. You don’t drive away with a door open unless you’re under significant threat. That Dillard has failed to offer any video before that and that he merely shouts that she is a Karen (without making any mention of the flipped bird or the racist sentiments, adornments that would, of course come later) says it all. And that Yelp page further buttresses the accusatory tactics that have managed to steer him this far in life. His Twitter account has ballooned to 7,458 followers from around 3,000 this morning.

  15. One other thing, Anonymous, in the “Alleged Brake Video,” this takes place (according to Google Maps) on Summit Avenue. Dillard’s camera is facing northward, looking at East Howell Street (and the Olive Terrace apartments). He claims later that he was cut off with her around Melrose Avenue. But if you examine the Seattle map on Google Maps, you’ll see that Melrose Avenue is tricky to get to. This leads me to wonder if Dillard pursued the Geo Woman (and he is sitting there parked on East Howell Street) after he saw her door open and not, as he has claimed, after she cut him off in an area of Seattle that was five unruly blocks away from this encounter.

  16. It’s obvious Dillard is lying. It’s just so plain obvious. I’ll demonstrate it for you. Look at the video which he documents his encounter with the Asian restaurant. First he’s speaking his mind to the Asian lady. He’s expressing his frustration that she asked to see his phone and ID. He never once said “why did you calle me a nigger” or “you called me a nigger – how dare you!”. Even as he is leaving he says “and I told this woman I’m not going to deliver this order and she says whatever”. But then later in the video as he retells it to the bystanders gathered outside he adds just one very important detail “and she said whatever nigger”.
    He recounted the details of what had transpired twice already before. Once to the lady directly and again as he is leaving into his camera. And not once did he mention such an important detail. It’s impossible that he would fail to mention this detail. Since his whole complaint is that he was treated with racial prejudice this detail is actually the most important detail of the whole event and yet he failed to mention it twice and only mentioned it the third time he recounted the incident.

    This actually is the same pattern of behavior which occurs in this incident with this alleged Karen.
    He confronts her on video and asks her repeatedly why did you cut me off and flip me off. Only later when he backs away from her and addresses the onlookers does he accuse her of calling him a nigger. Again the nature of his complaint is that he was treated with racial prejudice. If he is confronting someone who he feels treated him with racial prejudice and who called him a nigger then that is going to be the backbone of his contention with her. He wouldn’t fail to ask her why did you call me a nigger. The first thing he would have said to her was “why did you cut me off, flip me off and call me a nigger” there is no way he would have left that part out. The fact that he did leave it out and he didn’t call her out for that but instead he repeatedly asks her “why did you cut me off” and “why did you flip me off” makes it pretty clear that that didn’t happen.
    Another commentator suggested she must be guilty because why did she start defending herself right away by bringing up her black husband. The reason she did that is because he called her a Karen and he was filming. She knew what that meant.

  17. Obviously hes the victim because everyone knows nothing bad ever happens to any black person that isn’t caused by racism. I also agree with poor Karen its rude to use that name as an insult we’ve got to find something else, plus its racist and sexist also it’s been my experience those who overreact to a traffic issue are usually the ones at fault in the first place. Maybe he needs to learn how to drive.

  18. So, the girl ALLEDGEDLY acted stupidly and rudely. But, then the guy STALKED her, followed her home, then scares her half-crazy.

    Two idiots.

    Grow up, man. Let it go. Get a job.

  19. I get that the thought that he is a Trump supporter forces liberals like the writer to side with “Karen” in this situation. Problem is that his Maga hat was actually a make America GAY again hat lol but hey…you tried.

  20. What did Karlos Dillard being a Trump supporter have anything to do with what happened, oh yeah, you are a trash reporter who uses TDS to get sympathy from wacko lefties. Nice trash move, you in fact as as pathetic as Karlos Dillard. This proves their are mentally ill on both the far left, and far right.

  21. The black guy is also a moron about driving laws. It doesn’t matter if your lane is ending. The one in the merging lane yields to the flow of traffic. He didn’t have the right to do shit.

  22. She behaved like a woman pleading for her life. Whether her life was actually in danger or not isn’t the point. She had a very real, very visceral reaction to him following her and confronting her in that manner, and he compounded it by continuing to badger her into hysteria instead of acting with a smidgen of maturity (or compassion).

    I’ve had a stranger follow me home before. In my case, it was someone who thought I had been driving purposely slow just to piss them off, when in reality I was still recovering from a traumatic car accident that not only left me with severe injuries, but also a moderate case of PTSD. It was my second time behind the wheel since regaining the use of my legs, and I had no idea that someone was following me home in a fit of road rage.

    Luckily, I am a woman who grew up with four older brothers, a girl who learned rather quickly to stand her ground or risk getting trampled on. This Geo woman didn’t have the same reactions I would or did, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less entitled to her completely rational fear in that moment. I’ve been there. It’s legitimately scary to have someone follow you like that no matter how justified the accuser feels.

    This guy, whoever he is, should be ashamed. She probably break-checked him in an attempt to get him to back off. And for all the reasons you’ve already pointed out, I sincerely doubt anyone made this about race but him. He needs some severe counseling if he can’t see how his actions were wrong, regardless of whether the woman truly cut him off or not.

    Thank god for the man (neighbor?) who stood between her and the “mob mentality”. He’s the hero of this story, in my opinion.

    Thank you for the great article.

  23. […] blogger who supports Black Lives Matter, but who thinks Karlos Dillard is a race-hustling fraud, examined all the evidence Dillard has uploaded to claim that “Karen” cut him off in traffic and … What he finds is plenty of evidence that Dillard craves attention, and wants money. Dillard’s […]

  24. This guy is going to run into some considerable legal trouble in his quest for internet fame and twitter followers. If if an attorney licensed in Washington were so inclined to lend some pro bono hours to Geo Woman, the fact that he intentionally noted and broadcast her license plate and home address in an attempt to incite retaliation and possibly even bodily harm is a case for intentional infliction of emotional and/or physical distress. Coupled with the fact that he is now selling merchandise (and presumably making a profit) related to this woman and her image is a violation of her right of publicity, and Mr. Dillard may find himself in additional “financial difficulties.” Throw in that he followed an individual for several blocks to their personal residence after no crime was committed (harassment) and the fact that he already has a restraining order which specifically prohibits him from posting to social media about the woman who filed (establishes a pattern of misconduct) and this guy is screwed.

  25. Don’t take this opportunity to invalidate every claim you’ve dismissed in your mind because of your personal “prejudices” or simply racist views! You don’t have to believe this man’s story..but if you ignore them all,that is a problem you appear to want to carry on with. People who are not black and yet can “tell” when the story isn’t true are probably the same one’s like the other “alias” and/or “anonymous” names here who have strong opinions not just about this incident (for which I have no interest in) but others like George Floyd. Even going so far as to say he deserved to be killed blah blah blah..funny that you mention anyone’s “past” in order to attempt to beef up your reasoning for why you feel Karlos is exaggerating,but no one ever gives a damn if the person is white or identifies with white culture. One of the cops in facy had a criminal past that was there when George Floyd was on the ground dying..you know what most white people said? ” His past shouldn’t be up for debate,what happened he atone for and served his time” I want the same blanket transparency for black and brown and any other poc who isn’t awarded the same “innocent until proven guilty” mantra people love to quite for their fellow “white” people. Dylan roof was taken to Burger King after not allegedly,but literally killing 9 whole ass black people…at church!!! Where is your outcry over instances like that??? How can you say it’s justified,but put acts of actual racism out to pasture as if black people just sit around all day trying to get this good ol racism kicked in our faces? You think it’s a privilege to “handle prejudices on a sometimes daily basis,at school,work,when we walk home from the store,do shit lawfully or not we are all put in the same damn category. But it’s ok right? Because lord knows some “people” talk about “Karen’s” and geez thats so offensive because there are some great Karen’s in the world but all black people are n***{>{%{>]|%~ right? No! And I have my actual name here unlike the actual “pussies” here who are so ready to speak your mind here,but just not with your “real” names because gosh,that would mean you could be held accountable for your words of hatred. Don’t be that way,let us all know who you truly are @J.C. and Salam who just loves to repeat the word,but you would never day that to a black person like myself right? Or would you?? And for the person who wrote this article to begin with,I find it interesting that you’ve done all this research and development about this incident but have no issues with the overt and obvious racist comments here,while clearly responding to them as if they’ve said nothing wrong! More so that you’re willing to call out this black man for what you feel is wrong,so does that mean you don’t think the people saying racist things here are wrong??

  26. First off if we are living in this brave new politically correct wipe my little bottom cause I’m a sensitive pussy world then if the N word is a no no then Karen is a no no. If I cant watch a show called Dear Black People then no Dear White People. I’m down for equality but it has got to be across the board every which way. This guy is trying to earn a buck off a movement because his quest for fame has been an absolute failure. I’ve known alot of entitled people but they haven’t all been middle aged white women so move on to what it really is and that’s an asshole, and they come in all shapes, genders, colors etc and unfortunately this country is full of em right now.

  27. There are multiple witness statements that said the woman said the n word to him. Also he wasn’t attacking her. He was calmly speaking to her and she decided to scream and cry out in order to gain more sympathy for herself. She could have gone inside her house which was a few feet away but she did not. She chose to hysterically cry out and make him appear to be the perpetrator and it worked because this article is taking her side.

  28. This is BEYOND ridiculous. First, let me be clear, I AM A BLACK WOMAN and I have had ENOUGH! Exactly who does this ignorant clown think he is, confronting and videoing another person and DEMANDING explanations and apologies for behavior. He took this WAY too far and for NO REASON. I agree with the commenter who said that social media needs to DIE because it does. He had NO RIGHT to film her, expose her license plate, and then her residence and pummel her with a barrage of questions and insults. Calling her ‘Karen’ is NO DIFFERENT than whatever she may have called you. I am also SICK AND TIRED of a SOCIETY that digs into people’s past and uses prior words, actions, affiliations to wreck havoc on their present lives. You cannot say ‘boo’ these days without being fired, ridiculed, losing endorsements, etc. That is what this woman is terrified of. That this will get to her job, that she will be fired, professionally and financially ruined, and, as was mentioned previously, other fools will make it their business to send threats to her and her family. What kind of B.S. is REALLY going on here? Our society is a MESS and this needs to STOP. Would he have follwed another black person and done this…? I can tell you right now; NOT! ESPECIALLY not another black man, cause he KNOWS that he would have caught a fade faster than trash videos go viral. If I had cut him off, flipped him off, and called him out of his name (cause black folks call each other names ALL OF THE TIME) he would have flipped me the bird right back and probably called me a b*tch AND KEPT IT MOVING. Being bullied in our past is NO REASON to believe that we can bully and intimidate other people. Demand change, YES! I’m all in, but becoming power hungry and trying to bully everyone else…NOPE, I’m NOT GOIN’ for it! She should call the police on him and file a report and if possible press charges, because this is just WRONG.

  29. When I first saw this story on Twitter, I immediately thought, “Great! Another problematic white woman?!”, but when I watched all the videos it became clear to me that he’s just a fame seeker. He had merchandise up within a couple hours. His story changed too many times. And he only brought up the racist epithets when he was talking to others. He never confronted her with it.
    I understand her fear. As a woman, if anyone followed me home, got out of their car, and came toward me, I’d fear for my life (even if I HAD cut someone off). People are crazy these days. This is why I do not flip people off, I just cuss to myself in my car. Some people road rage so bad they’ll shoot you over it.
    And while I do think racist people SHOULD be called out for their behavior, cancel culture is getting ridiculous. Has no one thought about the fact that if we get everyone who ever does anything to piss us off fired, eventually we’ll be financially supporting all of them? If they can’t get a job, we’ll be footing the bill.
    Releasing people’s names and home addresses puts their lives at risk. Yes, racism should be called out, but in these times, things often get violent. No one should be killed for their opinion, regardless of how horrible it may be.

  30. Anonymous: Uh, no. They only said they “saw something.” And it would appear to be the Geo Woman’s breakdown. Because they weren’t very specific. Furthermore, if the Geo Woman actually said and did these things, it was, according to Dillard ,three blocks away, yes? So do you mean to tell me that all these “witnesses” who approached Dillard and the Geo Woman on the street were running at the speed of cars fifteen minutes before that? And that they somehow had the premonition to stick around during the Geo Woman’s breakdown? Come on. This is real life. Not a Marvel movie.

  31. This article is clearly written by a biased and racist with a clear vendetta for Karlos who wanted to welcome a bunch of racist people to comment and back Him up to justify white hysterical Leah. How would he catch her on camera in the moment of her cutting him off, flipping him off, calling him a nigger, and brake checking him? Do we keep our phones rolling at all times? No we do not. He started recording from another point which is what normal people do because we don’t all have a go pro as he stated , and we shouldn’t need one ! But clearly we do for all the racist who like to use the white card. lol multiple witnesses, WHITE included, saw the whole thing. You’re writing really sucks and so does your evidence and investigating ! Give it up.

  32. Karole: Thank you for your comment. Have you ever heard of prima facie evidence? The numerous other Karen videos didn’t require this level of scrutiny because the racism was plain as day. Dillard’s video does not stand up. It does not mean that I discount black experience or racism. Far from it. I make that clear in the piece. If I filmed a video of you dancing and then said to the world, “Karole stabbed me with a knife,” then nobody would believe me. And rightly so! I am certain, Incidentally, that you are a marvelous dancer. 😆

  33. I find this article confusing. Why has “Karen” not had a background check and her life story added. I thought reporting was meant to be factual. You lay out both sides impartially and let the reader make up their mind. I’d be interested if you were to write about her life and character as well.

  34. Can the police report be found for when he was ‘detained’ in his flat a few years back ?

  35. I’m wondering, why no one (as far as I’ve seen) has mentioned the fact, that he says she brake checked him then followed him. If she break checked him, she would have been in front. So how did she follow him?
    Or maybe I’ve just misread that part of the article.

  36. Karole, you’re right I would say the N word to a black person or at all. I’m not into offending people. I don’t have prejudice. I was simply analyzing the event(s). I could have written my point like this “He never once said “why did you calle me a n*****” or “you called me a n***** – how dare you!” but what’s the point. You can’t analyze the event without repeating the word. Mr Dillon didn’t have a problem saying the word when he accused the so called Karen and the Asian lady. It’s all about context. I didn’t call anyone the word so I wasn’t offending anyone. I wasn’t calling black people in general the word either. I was only saying that had me Dillon actually been called that word like he claims he was then he would have surely brought it up in the first place when he airs his respective grievances. And in both instances he fails to mention this until later. It’s common sense. Anyway putting aside your feelings about me for a minute – you can call me whatever you want if you want to- seriously how can you believe that Mr Dillon was called that word but when he confronts the Asian lady he’s upset that she asked for his ID and his phone. He’s not upset -yet- that she called him a n*****. Same with the so called Karen how is he upset she cut him of and flipped him off but he’s not upset -yet- that she called him a n*****. You really believe this. It’s not about party lines or other racial events that have occured. You don’t know me or what I believe and there’s no point in talking about that. Just about this. Seriously you believe he he’s upset about having to show his ID or that he got flipped off and he doesn’t mention he was called a n****? You think that’s believable ?

  37. The First time i watched this video was from Reddit and it got my blood boiled, i know the woman was Hysterical but we can exucuse her because we all react to danger differently, some people freeze, some fight, some scream, however if he followed her because she called him the N word, shouldn’t that be starting point? why is being flipped of his biggest problem? and why does he not once confront her about this?, he only mentions it when he sees he is losing support because people don’t think she is a monster by flipping him off, in another video At the Asian restaurant he rants about why he was asked for verification but only mentions the nigger calling once he leaves and is trying to make himself look good to those two guys out front, it looks like he is trying to agitate people, record them and then become viral so that he can sell T-Shirts and gets rich, He voted for Trump and said Philando Castile deserved what he got, this guy is clearly seeking attention and fame with impulse and inadequate level of intelligence, to all those people that are saying why did she start with the Black Husband comment, he was probably calling her racist Karen before this video, and she was feeling shame for something she did not do and wanted to tell the world that she is not that kind of person.
    here is another video he recorded before this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJT5Kkm3ChE
    One thing i am little skeptical about Leah(Geo Lady) is her screaming of you are attacking me, that could be Amy Cooper kinda thing but it could also be that she meant that you recording me with these accusations are attacking my livelihood and when she tries to hide her number plate with her own hands and her saying of ” you are destroying my life and you don’t even know me” further makes me lean more to this theory than the Amy Cooper one, Either way, Karlos Dillard is an opportunistic race grifter that is taking advantage of the Movement for obvious personal gain and he should be sued to oblivion.

  38. That video was shared so many times. It’s cruel what he did to her– and I was about to jump to his defense until I saw his other encounters.

  39. I don’t get why people don’t see the word ‘Karen’ as totally racist. Would it be okay to label all Black women who do something wrong as ‘Latishas’? I don’t think so. I’m offended every time I hear ‘Karen’ or Becky’ used this way. Only racists would choose to use these words. If someone is racist, just call them a racist.

  40. You’re either intentionally lying here about what he yelled to people watching, or you need your hearing checked. He did not say, as you claim, “She did apologize for calling me a n**** and flipping me off.” What he said was, “She can apologize for calling me a n***** and flipping me off.” He was responding to people who couldn’t figure out why he was badgering her, letting them know he wanted and intended to get an apology from her.
    Also, your assertion that the worst part of her alleged offense in the scenario was her use of the ‘N’ word, so he would have led with that if it were true, is wrong. Being cut off and brake checked is what jarred him. As you say, we are all tense. If her microaggression had stopped with that, it would have been over. But she didn’t. She had to flip him off. In your foolish estimation, he should have had *evidence* of her transgressions BY RECORDING HER WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. Really?

  41. ALL of this, plus are we just ignoring his Twitter handle where he openly admits he hates white people?? From there, anything he accuses a white person of can be ignored.

  42. Karole you’re so right! Nailed it on the head my friend. Quite sad really. Dillard might be wrong or whatever, Geo-woman could be wrong but in finding the truth and believing this guy, is enough to motivate them to be racist. I am a German man and I have the deepest sympathies for black people because U have gone through so much and till today are still being mistreated. I’m sorry some people take advantage of you.

  43. So… Cops can conveniently turn off their bodycams but now Blacks are supposed to have video evidence for EVERYTHING.

  44. Mr. Dillard clearly has an issue with woman and should seek help for that. All of his filmed altercations have involved women.

    He’s a bully and I’d put money of if that was a man who’d done anything that he claims he would have kept driving.

    Instead, he consciously
    chose to pursue and harass that woman. I’m not standing behind any man who aggresses like that over someone obviously “weaker” than him. He’s a bully no better than Amy Cooper or Carolyn Bryant.

  45. It appears dillard has his “agenda”, but i would like to ask her why she needed to say she “has a black husband”? its like it came out of nowhere

  46. A threatening man following a woman home to harass them, either over a minor traffic complaint or even over a claimed racial slur, is not rational behavior. The woman was driving a very cheap car, implying that her perceived economic vulnerability was another enabling factor for him. Crying wolf with fabricated or grossly exaggerated claims of racism is extremely insulting to the many real victims of racism. The use of the “Karen” stereotype is itself misogynist and classist. (For full disclosure I am a “misogynist” myself in the eyes of some because I voted for Bernie Sanders in the 2016 Democratic primary, before voting for Hillary Clinton in the general election.)

    Dillard voted for Donald Trump, who openly campaigned by insulting Mexican-Americans and Muslim-Americans. I remember noting to someone that even if I had actually agreed with Trump on issues, this aspect of his campaign would have precluded me from voting for him. Yet now he tries to appropriate valid concern over genuine racism, to posture as he terrifies another human being.

    The idea of treating one another with respect seems to be alien to Americans.

  47. Need to mention that his twitter handle is: wypipo_h8. That is: white people hate

  48. Oh, please!

    Give me a break with that “sympathy for the white woman” crap! Histrionic white women, racist or not, have been making a mess of things long enough.

    Well, guess what? The jig is up. People are not going for the okey-doke any longer. All of her crying and shrieking and claiming she was being “attacked” didn’t work.

    Remember, it was a “Karen” that led to Emmett Till being lynched.

  49. I seriously thought when I saw the headline for the video, It was just another entitled white woman. That is not what I saw. I saw a calculated cruelness that was as uncomfortable to watch as the central park Karen incident.
    The person filming was displaying the same apathy and disregard as he was claiming to be a victim of. This man has discredited and stained what people (of all colors and nationalities) have been working towards.
    If we are truly for equality then we need to put this guy and central park Karen in the same category.
    The world has no place for humans like this anymore.

  50. To Marvin: the answer to your question is, he called her a “Karen” in this video right away. People are all over the internet claiming “Karen” is not just an annoying middle aged white woman, but a RACIST annoying middle aged white woman. NBC is spreading this “specifically racist” definition too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZ4xvIXwROc
    I didn’t know race was an essential part of it but evidently this woman did, even if Dillard did not. (The other things DIllard accused her of were other “Karen” behaviors.) So, she believed that Dillard brought up race by calling her “Karen,” and her reply was, “I’m not, I have a black husband!” My biggest thing that makes me doubt the racial aspect? As documented here, he doesn’t even mention “the n-word” until others in the main video called him out on filming an obviously distraught woman. THen he said it to them, and not even to her (mirroring his treatment of the Asian woman in the restaurant – never telling her but only others of her accusation toward her.) In this current video, he drove up accusing her of a bunch of stuff, but “n-word” was not among them. If she had said it, that would have been at least one of the things he accused her of. Nope. He then proceeded to (obviously enjoying himself mocking her) speak not to her but to his followers, announcing, here’s her license plate, here’s her address, at the same time innocently saying “what am I doing to you?” This guy is a piece of work and he is the anti-Chris Cooper, who clearly was the target of a racist attack on himself in Central Park. I would bet a lot of money on Karlos Dillard being the next Jussie Smollett when this all sorts out. I hate racists. But I also hate liars, and I especially hate slanderers. Her life could still be ruined before this is all over. And he’s selling f-ing T-shirts mocking her.

  51. How come none of you people are talking about how this dude was a Gay Black COnservative trying to go viral until a week ago? Now he’s now a woke black man now that woke black people are the new viral thing. It’s so cynical and fake. Anyway this dude has multiple restraining orders against him by women. He’s a psycho and you’re fucking retard if you fall for any of this

  52. Shit journalistic attempt at misdirection. Karen’s problem wasn’t that she had road rage. It was that she went into obvious theatrics and started screaming that she was being attacked, when she obviously wasn’t.

  53. So “Karen”, which was spoken repeatedly in this video, is not a racist slur? “Karen is a mocking slang term for an entitled, obnoxious, middle-aged white woman”, according to dictionary.com. Does racism only run in one direction?

  54. Eviva, Dillard knew very well that Karen today means a racist white woman and he knows very well there’s been many recent cases of karens and they’ve had their lives destroyed after they’ve gone viral. this woman also knew that and when he called her Karen and was filming her she knew what was happening

  55. Unfortunately, even though some people knew from the very beginning that at the very least he was being cruel and at best defamatory, it may be too late. I keep picturing this woman with her husband, worrying about when, not if, her name will be made public.

    Maybe THIS will be the event that can start a discussion about the pros and cons of ”exposing” vulgar incidents of racism. Though I doubt it.

  56. I can already tell the author of this article is white.
    Sadly it is very normal (which shouldn’t be) for a black person to experience constant racism in their life time. Just because he didn’t react that way with the asian lady, doesn’t mean he doesn’t get tired and just snap when being treated that way again. Of course a white person wouldn’t understand that and of course they will underestimate that treatment. The only reason black people record or document their racist interactions are because those racist people need to be exposed and people need to be aware and understand that this is what our black brothers and sisters go through almost on a daily basis. Maybe white people are so used to being comfortable and having their feelings and privilege protected that they don’t understand or believe that people get treated like that because they don’t. Well they do!

  57. This guy is a clout chaser and a piece of shit. Seriously, all of this over a middle finger and road rage? No need to follow her home and film her you psychopath, go fuck yourself and get a life.

  58. I bet this is a white owned and run website 🤣. You do realize that this video wouldn’t have gotten this much attention if she had responded calmly and apologized but instead she chose to go hyper and started acting crazy as if she is being attacked which is quite apparent from the video,by the way having black relatives or black friends doesn’t make you not racist, being a racist is based on your mindset ,beliefs and how you treat them.

  59. Jake – Apologize for what? A completely fabricated incident by a race hustler? As a woman, you follow me home, block my car in, threaten me with ruination and get out screaming racial names at me and you are getting shot.

    Period. The fact you want to excuse that his entire story makes zero sense, and then blame HER for a man following her TO HER HOME, preventing her from leaving (both crimes, btw) then taunting and harassing her?

    And SHE is the one with the problem? Wow, you are stupid.

  60. To Greg; A black man followed her home, got out of his car, and started filming her. Any white person knows exactly where that is going! Cry “racism”, upload online, viral video, the hoards come out in hate, BAM, life over!! Dillard has zero evidence of anything he accuses her of. The N word thing is obvious bullsh1t because any black person being called the N word would be leading with that when calling the person out – he just mentions it once, and to someone else, not even her! Karen is a racist slur now as well. It isn’t just an obnoxious middle aged white woman, it is only ever used when a middle aged white woman is involved in an encounter with a black person that becomes a viral video.

    White people are not stupid – we see what’s going on. That’s why she knew as soon as he approached her what the accusations would be!

  61. This entire news feed need to be deleted! Whoever owns this is abrasive bigot. Obviously they want the Black man to take the fall. Like seriously read these comments they are all from WHITE supremacists!!! This webpage need to check it’s racist ass staff!!

  62. I just saw the video on YouTube and was super pissed off, so googled the incident and found this article. This guy is a sociopath. If she had called him the N word, I would 100% be on his side regardless of other sketchy details of his life, obviously. Public shaming is an important tool in the fight against racism. But what is glaringly obvious is that Dillon has weaponized the current climate.

    My first question, when watching, was why did he follow her home? That’s really intimidating and weird, and as a woman, if some rando followed me home after a relatively insignificant traffic altercation I’d be upset and potentially fearful also. And then as soon as someone starts questioning him, after he’s repeated what pissed him off and caused him to follow her home multiple times, suddenly there’s a new aspect: she called him the N word. Um, even before I knew he was an attention whore, it’s glaringly obvious that had that happened, that would have been the issue out of his mouth from the beginning. Then he stops mentioning it, only to bring it up again when someone who isn’t blindly accepting his story comes up?

    It’s super clear that the only person who made this about race was Dillon. And she is clearly in the know and follows the news, knowing immediately that her life could be ruined for something she didn’t do, hence her freakout. She didn’t once threaten him, insult him or call the cops. I’m disgusted at this Dillon character – what he’s done is 2020’s racial equivalent of opportunist profiteering.

    I hope this incident doesn’t hurt that poor woman personally (although she does seem traumatized) and I hope that this jerk’s lies doesn’t hurt current advances with BLM. This is EXACTLY the kind of thing that racists and BLM detractors seize upon to discredit the movement and to gaslight against realities of institutional racism. Only a sociopathic, narcissistic monster would do something to personally benefit at the risk of tarnishing the credibility of people who have ACTUALLY been racially attacked, and the BLM movement as a whole.

  63. If you can’t seperate the movement from one individuals encounter you are downright retarded. I can’t believe how absolutely retarded you all. Your cognitive dissonance is astounding and the irony is those backing up Dillard are the most racists people on this post. No rational, no logic, completely devoid of reasoning simply because you want to push the narrative.

  64. ELA and evivr, I just want to say you two are the most rational in these comments and respect you guys for articulating well, what I was trying to say. The cognitive dissonance from some of these commenters is a little disturbing… How do these people even function in society? They’re completely wrapped up in their own little bubble and not an ounce of self reflection as they try to “destroy the racism with racism”. It’s absolutey pathetic and if I was a black man I would be pretty upset that someone set back the progress go equality by 20 years. It’s unbelievable the people backing up Dillard don’t realise he’s the one thats setting real progress back for minorities. every time a minority does something like this, it just gives ammo to the actual racists out there, and those that were on the fence are now moving directly to the right. All Black folk should be disgusted with this guy for making BLM look bad. Truly unbelievable it all is. the irony is too much for me lol

  65. Ever notice that none of the “Karens” are attractive? Why should anyone talk to an ugly
    white women in the first place. Her being scared doesn’t mean shit! She’s clearly acting out. God save the pure white woman. I guarantee if you saw the black husband, this article would have not been written.

  66. Dillons a shit person, and Champion is a shit writer. We get it, you don’t like him. Own it and stop trying to play if off like you’re not using your platform to trash a person you don’t like and boost your ego at the same time. Stop replying to random people’s comments and find something better to do, like find a real job

  67. It seems this lady was having a bad day. We don’t know what happened to her prior during the day. This guy following her home was the tipping point. He should apologize and be charged for defamation.

  68. Whatever: The man’s name is Karlos Dillard, not Dillon. I’m happy to accept criticism! And I have approved all comments. But since you can’t get the basic factual details right, I hope that you can understand why your conjectures into my motivations (all wrong) and your opinion of my writing mean absolutely nothing to me.

  69. Since Karlos seems to derive so much pleasure from attempting to wreck other people’s lives, I’m sure he wouldn’t hesitate to contact “Karen”‘s employer if he thought he could do her further damage. I wonder how he’d like it if someone did the same to him?

    No, really. By all accounts Karlos was on shift working for Postmates when the above incident occurred. I know I sure as hell am never ordering anything from Postmates if there’s a chance it might bring me into contact with someone like Karlos. Maybe someone should bring this incident to their attention so they know what kind of effect he’s having on their reputation? Perhaps they’d like to know that one of their workers is a serial bully and harasser of women:


    Just sayin’

  70. Shes literally faking it because she knows it will garner sympathy. This is a tactic white women have be using against black men since “the birth of a nation” But thanks for playing into it. Glad to know the Klan is alive and well you bigots.

  71. Common tactic when caught. Stop trying to be a bada** on the road and keep your fingers to yourself.

  72. All right, you’re right, 100% road rage it happens from time to time, to time, to time, to time, I won’t say that Dillard actions of escalating a road rage to a public humiliation is the right way to do, OOOOO Wait, it became a public humiliation when she started screaming non sense, that my dear writer, reader it’s obvious of ppl who are scare or just been dumb. Again, a friendly reminder watch your speed, SHARE THE ROAD, if anybody is in a hurry let them go why would you messed the perfect mood you’re on just no reason, it wasn’t a racial thing, but in the end it totally went from a simply road rage to racial profiling. Do please apologize for acting like a Karen at the end, and if Karen wants some apology from Mr. Dillard I guess an apology for been a horrible driver. But ROAD RAGE shouldn’t involve color, race or ethnic because is a road rage simple as that

  73. Just a friendly reminder as writers, we can not take side, both parties were wrong doing and I cannot support something that is clearly an act of both parties involved. Sure I can say Karen is right, white power to the nation, red neck nation, but I also can portrait Dillard as an essential worker who was only doing he’s job when a Karen out of hate or anger started smthing that shouldn’t happened. Again both parties were wrong doing, one looking for glory the other one giving such glory.

  74. She called him a ‘n1gger’?!? He shopuld be flattered. ‘Cockroach’ would be more apt.

  75. Women are already getting hurt by this sexual fascist propaganda. Having worked with battered and raped women for decades I’ve had several calls and reports from women saying their batterers are playing the Central Park “Karen” video over and over becoming more and more enraged saying “You called the cops on me too that time I hardly hurt you , you b#tch.” Men like Karlos Dillard are avid to fuel this rage as they get off on it. All the battering, rapist men who’ve had the police called on them blame their victims and feel vindicated by the demonization of white women. The hatred has always been there – now they feel it’s truly justified. We hear karlos Dillard calling the woman he’s harassing a b#tch, ie a dog, an animal, which is proof of his hatred and contempt for women.

  76. Whats even the point of this article? Whoever wrote this is waisting their time trying to twist a story that has a 14 minute video as evidence and corroborating eye witness reports from multiple people supporting Karlos claim. You’re subjective opinion vs actual video evidence and witness reports.. hmm I wonder whose more believable?

  77. Wow Hugh Bryant you redneck incested hillbilly fuck! Why don’t you go fuck your daughter/sister

  78. Is it possible that the ENTIRE thing was staged, and that the so-called “Karen” was in on the whole thing? The way she’s acting is so over-the-top, you have to wonder. It is very unusual for a real person in a real situation to act in such a bizarre manner. And if that’s her house, why wouldn’t she just drive into her garage and go inside? And where is the effort to “name, shame, and cancel” her? In just about every case of public racism caught on camera, the identity of the guilty party is quickly discovered, subsequently blasted all over the internet, and they are forced to suffer the consequences (which usually means their getting fired). In this case, she is conveniently masked from the second she exits her car, and days after the alleged incident, her identity remains a mystery. Why is that? Plus, the fact that he had T-shirts whipped up and ready to sell so quickly makes me wonder if he just hired a not-very-good actress to create a viral video.

  79. If you’re white (or really anyone low on the ‘progressive stack’, but especially white) and live or work in a diverse area, you really really need to invest in either a dash cam if you drive, or a body cam if you walk/bike/use public transport, to cover your ass in case of a situation like this. Have it running through your entire journey, because if some attention-seeking victim-complex-having loser tries to start trouble with you, you don’t want to just have half of the interaction, because it leaves room for doubt, and you can be sure that if the person accusing you is higher on the progressive stack than you are (and that’s everyone if you’re white), the Twitter mob and the professional race-baiters are going to believe them over you. We’re seeing it happen a lot lately and it’s not likely to end any time soon. Cover your ass.

  80. What a mixture of comments. One thread is trying to be logical about it, trying to discern credibility, even looking at details like the open door which suggests there may be earlier video which was not shared and which might help explain her fear.

    Another group of commenters disdains such logical analysis of evidence, and just declares her guilty, period – and condemns anybody who doesn’t see that as fellow racists.

    What I think we are beginning to see is that being true allies working towards true equality requires practicing mutual respect. It’s extremely important that people of all races work to eliminate bias and discrimination. But that doesn’t mean that we all have to abandon critical thinking skills in order to be supporters of “the Movement”. Bad things happen when we get stampeded into unthinking forms of “anti-racism” which are irrational and uncompassionate.

    And there are people of all races who are seeing this – that they need to up their game, and judge individual incidents individually rather than “presume” that anything any marginalized person says must be true and anything any majority person says must be unbelievable. I really get how bad it was to assume the reverse in the past (and in some cases today), but the answer is to move towards integrity and equality, not to invert the biases!

    Look ahead folks – the cheese at the end of that tunnel is moldy and unhealthy. There are better and more sustainable approaches to social justice.

  81. my heart hurts..
    i saw the video, on FB..
    i thought right away, Dillard was a bully ..
    doing my own research, i verified to my satisfaction
    he is in the wrong and CAPITALIZING on it
    … but – i said so on Facelook …
    and now my life is in turmoil , people hating on me
    for standing up for truth… oyy vey

    Truth Matters

  82. Thank you for your diligence in reporting on this. The whole Karen thing is crap. Let’s just call terrible behaviour out for what it is, regardless as to who the person committing it identifies as.

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