Yes, You Too Might Be Running a Site Relating to Personal and Social Alienation

Haggis received an email. Things that come to mind:

1. What Google criteria did this Zolen Caro enthusiast use to pinpoint “sites related to personal and social alienation?

2. How is any site “trustworthy, linguistically clever and regularly visited,” much less gauged as such? Furthermore, what gets a young man to use such hilariously juxtaposed adverbs? (The influence of Tom Swifties?)

3. Since when does a hyperlink have an expiration date? I had no idea that there was a quid pro quo involved with casual linkage.

4. If anyone can help categorize this website under a completely baffling rubric by Google standards, I would greatly appreciate their advice.


  1. I’m not sure if this works as a rubric, but I misread “needless intellectualizing” as “Needlessly Pointless”, which seems as baffling a rubric as you could want.

  2. I got this one “… I saw that your site was trustworthy, linguistically clever, and regularly visited — according to my Google review of sites related to Don Quixote, maybe Don Quijote, or even Don Quixano the Good. Because of the interests you and Zolen apparently share, he asked that I add your site to his sharing page. This I have done effective today.”

    Not quite as interesting as social alienation.

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