You Too Can Believe in Gossip Rags

Kimberly Maul, whose publication I am not obsessed with (contrary to her assertion), reports that the OJ deal has gone through. And this time she has a more credible than the National Enquirer. (Perhaps it was Maul after all who wrote the unsigned article and she is now proudly coming out of the closet as relying upon gossip rags for sources!)

By this journalistic measure, I wish to report the following news stories as true:

1. Infant Accidentally Packaged as Doll
2. Hillary Clinton Forced Into Sex Therapy
3. The “Eat What You Like” Diet Will Work for Everyone!

I remain absolutely positive that these three stories will be confirmed by someone credible. And I will, in the puerile spirit of this exchange, then shout “Neeiner! Neeiner! Neeiner!” back to the Book Standard.

You see, kids. You too can be a Web journalist!

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