Dave Piepkorn: The Stupidest Local Politician in America

It goes without saying that Ken Doll dumb white males are part of a significant epidemic now plaguing America. We can usually tolerate such privileged dunces because they can be laughed out of a boardroom or deservedly ridiculed in a local bar. But what happens when such a hideously arrogant and hopelessly stupid lowlife with an inflated sense of importance presides over vital city affairs? You get a guy like Dave Piepkorn.

The good people of Fargo, North Dakota have apparently decided that Dave Piepkorn, arguably the stupidest man to hold local office in the United States, should continue to serve as their Deputy Mayor and City Commissioner. Dave Piepkorn first came to my attentions on Sunday morning, when a video shared by journalist Aaron Rupar went viral on Twitter.

The video documents an October 5, 2020 meeting of the Fargo City Commission, whereby the dutiful leaders of a city populated by 125,000 people discussed a mask mandate. But the maskless Piepkorn embarrassingly states, in full defiance of the science, that masks are no defense against COVID-19.

“And the facts are I’m just as protected as you are wearing that mask of COVID-19,” said Piepkorn. “COVID-19 passes right through that mask. Isn’t that correct?”

There is then a pause, almost as if the collected attendees are collecting their jaws from the floor, understanding with shock and shame just how much of a putz they have in the number two slot. One of Piepkorn’s fellow commissioners, along with the audience, shout numerous noes.

Piepkorn responds with the haughty smirk of a six-year-old sociopath who has gleefully stomped on a helpless salamander with his sneaker. The meeting is closed for public comment. And then Piepkorn continues, “But basically a virus, it doesn’t — it goes, it goes right through the mask. And so for us to start mandating something that doesn’t work, that doesn’t make sense. And as far as the people…”

There are additional stunned reactions from the crowd that one hears off-mike.

And Piepkorn, who clearly doesn’t understand that the hill he has chosen to die on stands in the face of rudimentary rationale that even a preschooler can understand, then grows imperious. His voice takes on the raised autocratic tone of a twisted Karen using her privilege to ruin a Black man by making a phony 911 call for a purely manufactured offense:

“Okay, here’s how it goes. Once again, if you behave yourselves, you can stay in the room. You’re welcome to. But if you don’t, you’re going to be asked to leave. And if you don’t leave, then the police will escort you out. Is that clear?”

The meeting continues.

“The masks are not effective with the virus. Period. That’s proven. The coronavirus passes through. And so it’s false to tell people that they’re going to be safe by wearing that. And as far as sitting six feet apart, it’s liberty. If you don’t want to sit next to each other, then you don’t have to. You can go someplace else or watch it on TV. Or on the Internet. So thank you very much.”

A few weeks after this meeting, North Dakota has now seen its biggest upswing in COVID infections and deaths in some time. Cass County — home to Piepkorn’s Fargo — is now the second most infected vicinity in North Dakota. And it’s all thanks to feebleminded fuckwits like Piepkorn, who scatter falsehoods into the wind like poisonous seeds permanently sullying a promising orchard.

In short, Dave Piepkorn is the living embodiment of Idiocracy, though with more of an ego-driven tinge than Mike Judge’s characters. He refuses to consider other viewpoints. He refuses to grasp science. He is dense when it comes to comprehending basic facts. He is, in short, a contemptible clod who is better suited to work as an assistant plumber rather than as assistant to the highest local office in the land. And that’s only because no respectable building contractor in North Dakota would ever trust this incompetent buffoon to fix the pipes by himself. It also doesn’t help that Piepkorn’s face is so ugly that he looks as if he’s the secret love child of Charles Manson follower Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme and Boris Karloff. Honestly, with a visage so hideous, you’d think that Piepkorn would be on the side of wearing a mask, if only to disguise his aesthetic limitations.

This isn’t the first time that Piepkorn has been a clueless contrarian. He has partaken in comparatively more innocent acts of idiocy, such as being the only no vote in a measure back in May that allowed vegetable and flower gardens to be grown on local boulevards. (The measure passed anyway.) And this certainly isn’t the first time that Piepkorn has demonstrated that he has slightly more brain cells than a gerbil. In a September 9, 2019 Fargo City Commission meeting, Piepkorn condemned fellow Commissioner Tony Gehring for not being present during a special assessment task force meeting. Gehring swiftly pointed out that he was then being deployed by the military. “Sorry, Dave,” snapped Gehring in disbelief. But this didn’t stop dimwitted Piepkorn from actually attempting to follow through on this failed gotcha moment after being publicly embarrassed by Gehring. “It’s just ironic that you seem to be, um, very upset about it, but then your not at the meetings.” It’s certainly no surprise that Piepkorn is too dense to comprehend that irony usually happens when the subject is unaware of his actions and does the opposite of what he says he will. And I suppose it’s ironic that a poltroon like Piepkorn doesn’t see the irony in his own failed attempts to point out irony. (Although, if Piepkorn is reading this, that concept may be a little tricky for his bradykinetic brain to understand.)

It’s easy to simply dismiss Dave Piepkorn as some jaunty jackass who is embarrassing the most populous city in North Dakota. But when you place such an unqualified pillock in power, just as if we have seen nationally, there are often dangerous ramifications.

Piepkorn is also a racist whose atavistic words and actions have ignited racially charged violence in the region. One little known fact is that 8% of the Fargo population was born in another country. These people fled to North Dakota from war and devastation in an attempt to build a new life and contribute to the promise of America. But for repugnant xenophobes like Piepkorn, refugees are clearly a scourge. In September 2016, Piepkorn stood in the way of a refugee resettlement program operated by Lutheran Social Services. When not condemning the money going to a nonprofit devoted to helping people who had fled violence, Piepkorn made unsubstantiated racist remarks claiming that Somali refugees were more inclined to commit crime. Less than a year after Piepkorn expressed his bigotry, Somali-American Shuib Ali was assaulted in a hate crime. Moreover, Piepkorn’s opposition to benevolent organizations helping out anyone who isn’t white has resulted in local racists turning into Piepkorn fans, showing their true colors and loudly ranting against Somalis.

Dave Piepkorn is living proof that fatuous and flatulent imbeciles must not be allowed to hold power. Given how much of a local embarrassment Piepkorn is, perhaps the good people of Fargo can restore their city back to good grace by initiating a new recall campaign, ensuring that Piepkorn never holds any form of political office ever again.


  1. How in the world did someone like this get appointed?? What is wrong with ND? There are intelligent people in that state. Where are they???

  2. Fargo you deserve much better than Piepkorn. He has to be the most stupid man ever elected in your city or elsewhere. He’s a vacuous fool.

  3. He is right…let’s just take a walk down memory lane…in the beginning of all this insanity the ONLY mask that would be effective was a p93. Then people started making them….then People started wearing bandanas…well tell me folks…which is it…and by the way check the CDC website..85%of people who have gotten covid have been mask wearers. So there’s that!

  4. I haven’t enjoyed reading something this much in a long time, this is so great! Piepkorn is so terrible, ever since he voiced his concern over refugees or New American’s in the area I’ve paid attention to him and it’s unbelievable.

  5. Pat, Not appointed, VOTED in. That about sums up North Dakota. Believe it or not, there are more like him in the state legislature.

  6. Dear Concerned,

    While the coronavirus particals themselves can pass through, we don’t exhale coronavirus particles. We exhale small moisture droplets that are significantly larger, and those generally don’t pass through. Some make it around the sides of loose fitting masks. They’re not 100% effective, and that’s fine because math.

    Here’s a video that explains math and why even 50% effective masks limit the spread by over 70% if most people wear them. It’s not a video about masks specifically, it’s a video about math. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y47t9qLc9I4

  7. Total dumbass… and this isn’t the first time he’s gone off on a meat-headed rant about something he’s clueless about.

  8. @Colleen, re: “and by the way check the CDC website..85%of people who have gotten covid have been mask wearers”. Let’s fact check that, m’kay, and put it back into context. Yes, 85% of people who got COVID were mask wearers… who also participated in risky behaviors like dining out at crowded restaurants or bars or gathering with extended family. So yeah, wearing a mask isn’t going to protect you all the time, particularly when you take off that mask to eat, drink a beer, or hug an infected relative.

  9. Not a lunatic leftists: Apparently the dumbshit illiterate reader didn’t read the headline, which referred to local politicians. Omar serves as a U.S. Representative. Also, it’s ILHAN, not Ilan, you uneducated dunce.

  10. He was my passenger for Lyft yesterday, I had no idea who he was at first. A quick Google search led me to this article. He certainly alluded that he “saw things as I did”… obviously that was a lie.

    Believe it or not, he willingly put on a mask before entering my car.

    Long story short, I’ve given him a one star rating. I really would care not to see him again.

  11. Voting to reelect Dave Piepkorn. I like him, agree with him, and it will make you people mad. BONUS!

  12. I didn’t wear a mask for COVID because my mother taught me NOT to cover my mouth when I cough. She said “What’s the point? Whether you are sick or not, it doesn’t protect you. You’ll just get phlegm on your hands.” No, come to think of it, that’s not what she taught me.

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