Freedom of Assembly

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “‘It was all students and no protesters — it looked like any Friday night in Oakland but with more people,’ said Nathan Lanzendorfer, 23, of Mt. Lebanon. He went to Oakland out of curiosity to see the protests. Shortly before midnight he was caught on Forbes Avenue, with police deploying OC gas from two directions.

“He was hit with a rubber bullet in his right leg and his left, started to run, and was then hit in an arm and his lower back.

“‘I never heard any warning to leave the area — all four [rubber bullet] shots were within five seconds,’ he said. ‘All the wounds on my back. If I was opposing [the police] at all you’d think I’d have a front wound.’

“Mr. Lanzendorfer went to UPMC Presbyterian for treatment of his contusions, one of which is softball-sized, he said.”

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  1. is the entire Pitt student body white? i don’t think white people know how to riot properly, or the police aren’t defining a riot a properly. and i seriously doubt the tear gassing of those students on the steps was intentional, i mean, they didn’t mean to trap them there maliciously and make them inhale all that shit, they probably just don’t know the lay of the campus. i know it’s your right to assemble, but, seriously, if there are fucking marauders with black flags outside it’s good not to be in that same group of people, mask or not, guilt by association and that shit, it’s just common sense, you can’t expect the riot guys to tell the difference between the retards and the non-retards.
    i was just wondering, is there some overriding law that can declare a gathering unlawful, what caused them to do that, declare it an unlawful assembly, or were they just trying to nip the situation in bud–infringe on rights–so the night went smoother.
    in all, i think the police fucked up to some degree and some of the kids, too (the marauders and some students). but that’s based on watching this video.
    one more side note: i kind of get the feeling that some of these kids are looking for the man to put them down, the kid describing the grenade canister and the kid who got fucked up by a canister both seemed a little to elated about the situation. Like, we’re upper-middle class white but we’re getting fucked with, too, and we’re not gonna take it, no we ain’t gonna take it, we’re not gonna take it anymore. take us out, Dee…

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