1. I am stunned and saddened to learn that this is not a parody of godawful married-couple twee-pop but an attempt at the genuine article.

  2. Your choice, of course, danup. My only question is why you can’t accept the song outside of the Lovely Eggs’ intentions. If you enjoy the song as a hypothetical parody, whether intended or not, then should the artists’ intentions truly matter? This song was enjoyable to me in the same way that Das Racist’s undeniably catchy “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” was (and perhaps a little smarter with the Richard Bruatigan reference).

  3. I wouldn’t really like it as a parody, either—it’s too blunt and amateurish. I must admit that the whole lo-fi let’s-be-kids-with-complex-undercurrents genre (Beat Happening onward) leaves me cold. If I wanted to listen to children’s music I’d leave it to the professionals.

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