Mark Ames Shuts Down eXile

Russia has become a deadly place for journalists of all stripes. In 2006, journalist Anna Politkovskaya was mysteriously killed after criticizing the war in Chechnya. Thankfully, Mark Ames remains alive. But his fortunes have taken a turn for the worse because of these conditions. After writing about Russian government officials conducting an unplanned audit of his iconoclastic expatriate newspaper, Mark Ames has been forced to shut down The eXile.

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  1. Reminds me (for no reason at all) of this:

    See the Czar.
    Czar, Czar, Czar.
    See his eyes.
    Eyes like a fish.
    Fish, fish, fish.
    He rules a big country.
    Big, big, big.
    He took all the country’s oil.
    He won all the elections
    and if anyone else tried to get elected
    anyone else ended up in jail.
    Or dead.
    See the Czar’s pale hands.
    Pale, pale, pale.
    It is hard to explain
    how the Czar’s hands can look so white
    but are so red and sticky.
    How did he become a Czar?
    Well, he was member of a boys’ club
    that used to be called “Kill, Gulag, Bomb.”
    Now the club is called “Freaks Sucking Blood”.
    When the old Czar
    – who was a bit of a drunk –
    got too drunk to rule
    the boys’ club took over
    and put the new Czar on the throne.
    The Czar wants to make new friends.
    He visits the big boys in Europe
    and Asia
    and the Middle East
    and sells them weapons
    and rockets
    and tools to make atomic bombs.
    If someone refuses to be friendly to the Czar
    the boy’s club will poison someone
    or shoot her.
    So how long will the Czar sit on his throne?
    Until the next revolution…
    … or until the boys’ club gets rid of him.
    Perhaps it is practical
    that he already looks like a corpse.

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