• If the n+1 and McSweeney’s controversies weren’t enough for you, Sarah has raised some important points about the current state of genre-related reviews, asking, “So where are the new passionate voices who think about this genre in ways I haven’t even begun to explore but hope to engage with? Who’s going to come along to counteract antiquated notions of what genre criticism is and what books benefit from more than just a thumbs-up/thumbs-down approach?”
  • Times Online: “What is surprising is that such a high percentage of those without a marked talent for any particular profession should think of writing as the solution. One would expect that a certain percentage would imagine they had a talent for medicine, a certain percentage for engineering, and so on. But this is not the case. In our age, if a boy or a girl is untalented, the odds are in favour of their thinking they want to write.”
  • I agree with Scott, although I should point out that, if I’m a “hypocrite” for refusing to post private emails on this website (a position that I still adhere to), while simultaneously being entertained by Mark’s series, then so is anyone who laughed at the Aleksey Vayner video. A weak personality attribute, I agree. But nobody’s perfect.
  • The thoughtful Dan Wickett has an anthology in the works.
  • Paul Collins on the worst pulp novelist ever.
  • Sasha Frere-Jones on Nine Inch Nails.
  • Glenn Greenwald on Bush’s “literary luncheon.”
  • Why are Canadians making so many zombie movies? Answer: It is the rule of zombie movies that a conservative government inspires more of them. Now that Harper is Prime Minister, it is reasonably certain that there will be many more zombie movies, just as the number of zombie movies increased big time under the Reagan and Bush II administrations.
  • Erin O’Brien celebrates Naked Couch Day, which was apparently yesterday.
  • Online newspaper revenue is growing; print advertising is decreasing.
  • The gender disparity on op-ed pages is so bad that there are classes being taught to teach women how to write op-ed columns. (via Bookninja)
  • Jenny Crusie asked her readers if they knew how to dispose of a body to ensure that it wouldn’t be found. So far, she’s received 102 responses. The Internet is a frightening place. (via Bill Peschel)


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