Sarah Weinman Reported to Be Psychotic Cannibal

weinman.jpgLevi Asher offered disturbing evidence on his blog, Literary Kicks, that Sarah Weinman is, in fact, a psychotic cannibal and not the “nice person” that everyone thought her to be. While attending a panel titled “How the Fuck Do I Sell My Book? Please Help Me Before I Sob On Your Sleeve,” Asher noted, “Weinman approached a struggling author and screamed obscentieis in her face. Seconds later, Weinman carved up the author with a knife and started lapping on the blood trickling down her neck. The audience was shocked.” Ron Hogan, Ms. Weinman’s partner over at Galleycat, responded, “This is a gross mischaracterization. Sarah is a vegetarian and is only on three antidepressants right now.” Hogan vowed to “hunt down this Asher guy and show him who the real psychotic is.” Litbloggers feverishly expecting a new scandal are awaiting further reports of the evening to corroborate Asher’s findings.

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  1. Aha! I knew it! That time she sliced off and consumed one of my fingers and collected my blood WASN’T for a performance art piece she was working on, despite what she claimed at the time. I just wish the whole episode hadn’t meant I missed seeing that sculpture she said she was making with those kidneys in her fridge.

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