New Review: George Friedman’s THE NEXT 100 YEARS

Well, the Gerald Celente post continues to draw plenty of haters to this site. And that’s fine. Because everybody needs a hobby. But I’m pleased to report that I’ve taken on another dubious futurist in the fine pages of the San Francisco Chronicle. I had truly hoped for more from the book. I have a soft spot for futurists and I always start reading a book hoping for the best. But, alas, it proved to be grand bunk.

Today, if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can pick up the paper and read my review of George Friedman’s The Next 100 Years: A Forecast for the 21st Century. Unless, of course, you want to read it now. I can’t possibly predict the future of your own decision, but I’m all too happy to embrace the uncertainty of the present.


  1. Mr. T:

    I don’t get out to Costa Mesa much and it sounds as if you have your hands full. Nevertheless, you have me intrigued. Send details through private quarters and we’ll see what we can do. And I’m not afraid of a good solid small press.



  2. I’m not entirely sure how to get my message to Mr Champions, I thought this post would be adequate.

    I assume you have my email address so if you have a response feel free to send it through as it is unlikely I will visit this site again as it was chance that lead me here to begin with.

    I read your hack job critique of [i] The Next 100 Years [/i] and in part I found it represented an excessively sceptical and confused interpretation of the literature but for the most part I felt it illustrated one of the points Friedman raises early in the book.

    The nature of American society as it stands is barbaric. And it is members of the free press/liberal media whom take it upon themselves to play watch dog and guise pessimism as moderation. It seems its gotten to the point where if you are a member of the U.S media you carry an overbearing political agenda or your beyond sceptical – The Michael Moore inspired post grads set out to change the world.

    At this point I would like to make it clear I have read some of your articles and I am simply curious. I hope it doesn’t appear as an all out attack. Furthermore I to was critical of the book but I gave it room to breath I took it for what it was and developed an opinion, somewhat, influenced by Friedman’s speculative insight, methods and school of thought.

    I’ve digressed, my other query regards your take on the future. As you are so quick to dismiss Friedman’s theories as hubris and a clutch at academic acclaim, would you be so bold to make a prediction. How does the next 50,20,5 (?) years play out for the U.S. Friedman in my opinion seemed enable to concede China’s likely ascension to ‘super power’ or ‘global economic power house.’ What is your stance on the matter?

    I apologise for reviving a dead post – but out of all the critiques for Friedman’s work I have encountered yours carried the most venom and – on the surface – the least substance. Other reviewers had admittedly not finished the book but provided more insight into the work.


  3. Hi friends,
    I am an Iranian boy (Master of computer).
    This book of Mr Friedmann is absolutely his imaginations about future and has no document!
    I have some questions:
    1) As we all know the U.S. society has many problems such as economic, family foundation, Latin grow up population, and … .
    As we know after 2050 the population of blacks will be more than whites in the U.S. but there is no mention!
    Why he did not see these issues?

    2) Who believe that Turkey will be a power and conquer Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kurdestan,… all these countries needs billions of dollars to war with and sure Turkey has not (and will not have) such power. Look to the low price of their currency!

    3)He mentioned about Iran so less! As all the geopolitics say Iran has the first influence in the middle east. In Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen. Iran causes many costs for the U.S. now and we know the final goal of Iran is spreading Shia Islam in all the world, but first in Sunni moslem countries.

    4)He mentioned that Europe be came weak!
    If you look at the industry of countries you will see Germany is the most industrious country in the world. The jobless rate in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, … is less than 10 percent. But in the U.S. is so higher.

    Thanks for your Topic.
    Best wishes

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