Reluctant Habits

How Jonah Lehrer Recycled His Own Material for Imagine

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Jonah Lehrer didn’t just borrow his own passages for The New Yorker. Our investigation reveals how he repurposed his own material for a large chunk of his book, Imagine.

The Bat Segundo Show: Jonah Lehrer

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In this one hour radio interview, science writer Jonah Lehrer discusses Imagine: How Creativity Works, neuroscience, Pixar management techniques, W.H. Auden, and recent criticisms about his reductionist approach,

Jonah Lehrer: A Malcolm Gladwell for the Mind

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As the terrible news of Andrew Koenig’s suicide and Michael Blosil leaping to his death, both after long depressive bouts, emerged over the weekend, the New York Times Sunday Magazine had aided and abetted Jonah Lehrer’s continued slide into unhelpful Gladwellian generalizations by publishing his sloppy and insensitive article claiming that depression really isn’t that bad. Lehrer, an alleged bright young thing who found his own tipping point with How We Decide, appears to have cadged nuanced examples from such thoughtful books as Kay Redfield Jamison’s Touched with Fire and…read more