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How Jonah Lehrer Recycled His Own Material for Imagine

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Jonah Lehrer didn’t just borrow his own passages for The New Yorker. Our investigation reveals how he repurposed his own material for a large chunk of his book, Imagine.

Angle of Repose (Modern Library #82)

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In the latest Modern Library Reading Challenge installment, our intrepid reader dishes on his book club days, wrestles with Wallace Stegner’s plagiarism, and examines the relationship between history and personal mythology.

Jason Allardyce: How a Sunday Times Journalist Ripped Off Ian Rankin, Bat Segundo, the Observer, and an Australian Producer

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In which a former “Scottish Journalist of the Year” steals quotes from numerous sources without accreditation for 54% of his article.

Joseph Minion Plagiarized Joe Frank

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After Hours is perhaps my favorite Scorsese film. I am also a big Joe Frank fan. So it was considerably astonishing to learn that screenwriter Joseph Minion appears to have pilfered a Frank monologue for the first 30 minutes of the film. The details are, in many cases, taken astonishingly verbatim. In a March 2000 interview, Frank was apparently “paid handsomely by producers of a Hollywood film (which he won’t name) that plagiarized his dialogue.” (via Fimoculous) [ALSO: Minion also plagiarized “Before the Law” from Kafka’s The Castle for this…read more