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Martin Amis (The Bat Segundo Show)

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In this special one hour radio interview, Martin Amis responds to charges of class anxiety, discusses the London riots, Syria, incest, income inequality, and gives us the lowdown on the infamous Space Invaders book.

AUTHORS: Do You Have What It Takes?

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It’s the ultimate reality series, the ultimate game show and the ultimate half-hour of intriguing storylines. The Ultimate Author is an awesome television program packed with entertaining, engaging and interesting events. Each week, contestants go toe-to-toe in a writing competition that tests their ability to develop attention-grabbing content. Casting Call: June 16, 2007. Fort Lauderdale, FL. [via gawker.]


What will Japan boy do next?

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 this is what writers email each other about   no, Japan boy, no!  very ugly dog (now deceased): 


BSS #101: Martin Amis

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Author: Martin Amis Condition of Mr. Segundo: Inveighing against Stalinistic safeguards. Subjects Discussed: The relationship between Koba the Dread and House of Meetings, the Soviet experiment, the original format of House of Meetings, the critical reception of Yellow Dog, the effect of reviews upon Amis’s confidence, Time’s Arrow vs. House of Meetings, writing about the gulag in the splendor of Uruguay, comparisons between Soviet Russia and post-9/11 Western life, the unnamed protagonist in House of Meetings, parallels between Yakov Dzhugashvili and the protagonist, Joseph Conrad as model for House of…read more


For Later Reading

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Martin Amis’s 12,000 word essay on Islamism. Reaction from Steve Mitchelmore. [UPDATE: Still haven't read it, but Laila responds.]


Too Illegit to Quit?

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PopMatters reviews Martin Amis’s Yellow Dog and berates Tibor Fischer for jumping the embargo. Meanwhile, Edward Guthmann interviews Amis in the San Francisco Chronicle, scoring a silly Keith Richards photographic homage and utterly strange description: “His voice is deep and rich, seasoned by a lifetime of smoking — imagine Ronald Colman or Jeremy Irons, only rougher. His mouth, often compared to Mick Jagger’s, is full and voluptuous and, even in repose, suggests an incipient snarl.” The New York Times offers their Notable Books of 2003 list. (user: dr_mabuse, pw: mabuse)…read more