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Occupy Wall Street: One Year Later

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My report from the streets on the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

2011: The Year in Broken Windows

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What do Occupy Wall Street, Kenneth Cole, Stephen Fry, DJ Gardner, a Philadelphia poet, Lars von Trier, and Emma Sullivan have in common? Why is free speech being increasingly punished?

Occupy Wall Street: The Morning They Didn’t Clean the Park

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This 3,000 word photoessay on Occupy Wall Street depicts Friday morning’s events at Zuccotti Park, shortly before the threatened cleanup, and the march on Wall Street that followed.

Occupy Wall Street: After the Brooklyn Bridge

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I spoke with several protesters at Zuccotti Park on Saturday night. Here’s my overview of the atmosphere that evening, as well as an eyewitness account (with audio) of what happened on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Occupy Wall Street: SlutWalk NYC

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This lengthy report on Saturday’s SlutWalk in Union Square investigates the march’s philosophical underpinnings, comparisons with Occupy Wall Street, and contains photos and audio interviews with the participants.

Occupy Wall Street: Friday Afternoon

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The crowd density at Occupy Wall Street had thickened quite a bit from earlier in the week. Here’s a photoessay from Friday afternoon.

Occupy Wall Street: Nine Conversations and a Protest Song

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On Tuesday afternoon, I journeyed to Liberty Square and talked with people. Here is an audio presentation of nine of my conversations, along with a bouncy protest song called “Let ‘Em Eat Cake.”

Occupy Wall Street: Was the NYPD Authorized to Pepper Spray Peaceful Observers?

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An inquiry into excessive pepper spray use at the Occupy Wall Street protest reveals much — including the NYPD’s failure to abide by its own guidelines.