Reluctant Habits

Hurricane Sandy: The Right to Yell Flood in a Crowded Twitter and Why Peter Vallone Doesn’t Know What He’s Talking About

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Twitter was instrumental in conveying information during Hurricane Sandy, but free speech is too important to criminalize the trolls.

2011: The Year in Broken Windows

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What do Occupy Wall Street, Kenneth Cole, Stephen Fry, DJ Gardner, a Philadelphia poet, Lars von Trier, and Emma Sullivan have in common? Why is free speech being increasingly punished?

Is Thomas Hawk a First-Rate Jerk?

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Thomas Hawk is at it again. But this time, he’s determined to smear a man’s reputation based on his own decidedly subjective account. For those who haven’t followed Hawk’s blog, Hawk is a San Francisco photographer who campaigns against institutions wishing to ban photography. If a building or a museum won’t let him shoot a photo, he blogs about it. He uploads photos of those who wouldn’t let him snap shots, and fires back shots with impunity. He’s been doing this for some time. Sifting through Hawk’s blog, Hawk’s unalienable…read more