The April Fool’s Collection

April Fool’s Day has come and gone. But for those who missed the fun, here’s a list of links to the entries:

Samantha Power to “Give the People What They Want”
Adam Kirsch Tests Out New Sense of Humor
Love in the Air for Gessen and Sarvas?
NBCC Plans “The Month of a Thousand Panels”
Daniel Menaker Branches Out Into Motion Pictures
Rachel Donadio Continues Transformation Into Younger and Stupider Curtis Sittenfeld
Litbloggers Agree That Blogging “Takes Too Much Time”
Neal Pollack to Write Dad Essays Until the End of Time
William Vollmann Turns in Uncharacteristically Slim Children’s Book
Orange Unveils Male-Only Banana Prize
“Pretentious Literary Fiction” to Get New Section in Bookstores
Border Protection to Ban All Foreign Writers from Entering States
Michael Bay and Bruce Willis On Board for Flann O’Brien Film Adaptation
Lone Literary Geek Decides to Hate Sloane Crosley
Harriet Klausner Gives Three Star Amazon Review

We now return you back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Ed, you fool me half the time no matter what the date. Your perspective often, not always, leaves me wondering: uh, why didn’t I know that? Or, wait, maybe it’s a comic presentation.
    But these? Too funny even for you, even though one or two strike me as not entirely unlikely.

  2. I’m watching Jeopardy on April 1st. For one quick shot of Alex Trebek asking us to stay tuned for the following commercial messages, he had a mustache again. Before that shot, and after the commercial break, the ‘stache was gone. Did anyone else see that?

  3. For the amount of time I watch Jeopardy, I did indeed catch the mustache thing with Alex Trebec! LOL too funny, I am currently watching it and it brought back that memory!

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